Fall Arrives to Farmville with Maple Trees, Leaves and Baby Turkey

Fall Arrives to Farmville with Maple Trees, Leaves and Baby Turkey

farmville-fall-arrivesJust a bit later than in real life but just in time for Thanksgiving day, Farmville is welcoming the fall with a lot of goodies and limited edition items you can purchase from the market: the Baby Turkey, Maple Leaves, Maple Trees and a very cool looking Harvest table.

All these items are limited edition only, replacing the alien UFOs and being available for the next 20 days. There’s plenty of time to get them.

You can start getting the Baby Turkey in Farmville, the new “animal” can be purchased from the marketplace, but unfortunately you will have to pay with Farmville cash for it: 7FV, to be precise. What do you harvest from the baby turkey? It’s not clear yet, but we will know in three days since that’s its harvest time.

If you don’t want to spend your real money on Farmville items, you can purchase Maple Trees who come in two choices: regular Maple Tree and Yellow Maple Tree. The Yellow Maple Tree can be purchased from the market for 300 coins (and can be harvested after two days) while the regular Maple Tree costs 5FV cash. Fortunately, your neighbors can send you the Maple Tree for free, so if you have neighbors in Farmville, you won’t have to spend money on that!

Finally, the last limited edition Fall Farmville items are some decorating items: Maple Leaves and Yellow Maple, both costing you 300 coins each and a very good looking Harvest Table that costs 3,000 coins. You can check out a little farm design using the new Fall Farmville items, minus the baby turkey, in the image in the upper left corner.

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Lorene Anderson

I love the maple trees, and would really love to be able to still get them. I just joined in about five days ago, and can’t seem to find them. the turkey and deer are wonderful also. I love the wild animals and fall so could I still get them?