Indie studio FlatRedBall have recently launched their indie game The Incredible Baron on Steam and you probably heard nothing about the game – but you should’ve because it really is a cool little game that you will surely enjoy playing.

The Incredible Baron combines real-time strategy gameplay with over 45 collectible animal species in a tale of exploration, science, and betrayal. As Baron, you will explore an uncharted island, documenting its species and using their unique abilities to defeat nefarious adversaries in the cut-throat world of science. But as the adventure unfolds, you may begin to question the credibility of Baron’s incredible boasts, leaving only your tactical skill and the know-how of Baron’s crew as the deciding factors in Baron’s fate.

PR-stuff aside, we’re talking about a great game with retro visuals and a great approach to the genre, a complete set of 60 challenges for you to master and a lot of depth behind the apparently simple mechanics. You will have to strategically plan your moves and build your army for each stage, then replay to get better and better, all while collecting and having fun all the way.

It’s really a game that you have to try out: it’s just $4.99 on Steam and it’s worth every cent. Just search for The Incredible Baron, download it, play it and remember to come back and thank me for recommending it to you.