whitehouseescapePersonally, I am not a huge fan of the escape the room games created by 123Bee, but every now and then they manage to bring in a very fun concept or element that makes their games highly playable. That’s the case of today’s daily escape feature, White House Escape.

As the name suggests, you somehow find yourself trapped in the White House and get to see how would Obama feel like if he had no idea where he left the keys to the door, cellphones did not exist and nor did surveillance cams or guards. Which is almost impossible, but it’s a game and we’ll let ourselves carried away…

So, in pure 123Bee fashion, you’ll have to go pixel hunting for clues, combine items and solve puzzles – not too tricky, but challenging enough for most of the minds out there and eventually escape the White House. Indeed, many people would love to get in there, but games are always different.

So if you’re a fan of the Escape the Room genre, you could give this one a go: click here to play White House Escape and don’t forget – have fun!