mandrake1Do you remember the Tortuga series? If so, you will certainly love to hear that the series’ developers, 3dpi games, have just launched the first episode of a new point and click adventure series. If you didn’t hear about Tortuga, read on to find out more details on Mandrake 1, today’s free flash game of the day.

The game kicks off after a short cinematic intro and finds you in a hidden hut, with one goal in mind: to escape. In order to do so, you will have to gather all sorts of objects and combine them together in order to solve puzzles and make your way out. Some of the puzzles are indeed really challenging and the solutions are generally not obvious – but that’s what makes a game great, right?

The visuals are charming – but we can’t expect anything less from 3dpi, with hand-drawn, black and white graphics with just a few colored items bringing the settings to life. A nice approach that made me remember Sin City for whatever reason… (and no, Mandrake 1 has nothing in common with that flick).

What I found a bit disturbing at first was the 360 degrees rotations that tend to go a bit too fast, also making the game even more difficult. For those that are not up for such a challenge, the game already has a walkthrough with it, so you can cruise through it without any problems.

If you’d like to give today’s free flash game of the day a try, click here to play Mandrake 1. Have fun!