where-is-2010You can’t start the new year playing anything else but Where is 2010?, a short but quite fun free flash game created by Pastel Stories (Mateusz Skutnik). Get ready to explore a quite creepy world, solve a few puzzles and eventually discover where is 2010 – if you haven’t done so already.

Basically the game is a platformer puzzler that takes place in a really small world – a rather mystic one I’d say, where you have to collect some coins and pull a few levers in order to proceed. The controls are quite simple – you only need to press the arrow keys to finish the game and the puzzles are not mind bending, so the game is great to play early morning or late at night. And anytime in between.

And no, I must admit that I don’t think I would’ve chosen Where is 2010? as the game of the day if it wasn’t connected to the new year that just kicked off. But I am sure that because of the same exact reason, you’ll love playing it and you’ll end up with a smile when you’ll finish the game (after a few minutes only). And you’ll also enjoy the fantastic black & white, hand drawn graphics, too so all in all you’ll have some great time playing this little flash game! Don’t forget to put a jacket on, though, since the wind blowing will give you the impression of freezing!

Head over to the Pastel Portal by clicking the link and enjoy today’s free flash game of the day, Where is 2010! Happy New Year!