This is a new game by Self Defiant [Melting Mindz]! He makes spectacular Escape Games as always, but this was a little bit disappointing. However, it has Christmas Theme, Graphics & Plot. So, it’s really great except the Pixelhunt. Play the game, and please tell me your thoughts about this Walkthrough, which was written in 1 Hour!

NOTE: When you pick up an Item, you will be holding it. To put it in your Inventory, simply click on one of the Slots in your Inventory [Bottom of Screen], to put it there!


1. You see those 6 Logs on Left-Side, on floor. Click on the Single Log on top of the Logs, to move it [“?” Will appear on right spot]. Take the Light Bulb!


2. Move Right, and enter Door right ahead [Christmas Tree]! Move Left [Santa’s Desk]. You see the 2 Papers on Left-Side of Santa’s Desk. Click on both of them to move them, and take Gray Key!

3. Enter the Door right ahead [Santa’s Coat & Boots]! Click on both of the Santa Boots to move them, and take Light Bulb. Use the Gray Key on the Drawer, to the Right-Side of the Door in middle. Take Red Key, and Move Right (Note that the Wreath on Top-Right, is missing a Red Bow)!


4. Enter Door right in front of you, and Move Left [Christmas Tree]! use Red Key on Door in front of you, and Enter [Workshop]!

5. Near the Middle, there is a Hammer on Table. Click to take Hammer, and Move Right [Boxes]! Look at the Left-Side Shelf, and click on the 2 Boxes in the Middle. Click to take the Light Bulb behind Left Box, and Enter Door in front of you [Old Clock]!


6. Move Left [Santa Bag], and Enter Door ahead [Kitchen]! You see the Red Cabinet with Green Doors. Open the 2nd Door from Right to Left, and take Light Bulb! Enter the Door in front of you [Outside]!


7. Move Left [From outside, and don’t Move Right]! Look at the Left-Side Green Arrow, and move a little bit to the Right. You’ll see a Bucket! Take the Bucket. You see that there are 5 “Cages” (By Cages, I mean the small rooms the Reindeers are inside), but 4 Reindeers. Look at the Right-Side of the Room, and you’ll see an Empty “Cage”. Use Hammer on the “Cage’s” Door [Question Mark will appear if you Rollover the Cage Door without holding Hammer], and take Light Bulb!


8. Move Right! Click on the Reindeer in the Middle. The one with the Red Nose (His name is Rudolph), to talk with him. He’ll tell you to give him some Water. Enter the Door on Right-Side [Outside]!

9. Move Right [Inside Kitchen], and Move Right [Kitchen part where Cabinet is]! Look on Middle of Cabinet, and you’ll see a Water Tap. Use Bucket on the Water Tap, to fill it with Water. Enter Door ahead [Outside]!

10. Move Left [Inside Reindeer Stable]! Move Right [Where Rudolph is, the Reindeer with Red Nose]! Give Rudolph the Bucket with Water, and take the Red Bow on top of Rudolph’s Cage Door. Enter Door on Right-Side [Outside]. Move Right, Enter Door [Santa Desk], Enter Door, Move Right! Remember the Wreath which was missing a Red Bow. Give Wreath on Top-Right side of the Door, the Red Bow [Place it on Bottom-Middle of Wreath]. Take Golden Key which was dropped on floor, and Enter Door! Move Right [Old Clock], use Golden Key to unlock Clock Door. Take Light Bulb, and Move Right Twice [Christmas Tree]. Place all of the Light Bulbs on the Christmas Tree. Place them anywhere on the Grey Dots (and not the Colorful). Once Done, look Bottom-Left of the Door, and you’ll see a Plug. When finished placing all the Christmas Decoration Balls on tree, click on Plug and take Green Key. Move Left Twice [Old Clock], Enter Door, use Green Key on Drawer, take Santa’s List, Move Right, Give Santa Claus his List!


I really hope this is helpful. I tried to explain as much as possible, and also give details. I hope it’s fun for everyone. Especially I, had fun writing this walkthrough while listening to the in-game Music. A great combination, and please Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

Type: Detailed Walkthrough | Easy-to-Follow | 10-Steps
Time Used: 1 Hour
Written By: Prid