– Walkthrough –


Checkout the Video Walkthrough


Level 1: Click on the 3rd Heart from Left to Right – the one before the Heart on most Right-Side

Level 2: Click on the Chicken Leg, 10 Times to eat it. Of course you’re thirsty after eating! Click on the Glass to drink

Level 3: Move the Hand on top of the Rope, or on the Middle, and simply Move the Hand to the bottom of the Rope, to shake the Bell. Do this 3 Times

Level 4: From the very start, click on each Coin 1 Time. If you’ve already changed the Coins, change the Coins:

Left-Side Coin: CHR
2nd Left-Side Coin: IS
Middle Coin: TM
2nd Right-Side Coin: AS
Right-Side Coin: nothing/blank

This will form the word: CHRISTMAS

Level 5: You see the 2 Arrows moving in Circle. They are rotation Clockwise [Up, Right, Down, Left] – simply move your Cursor in circle, Clockwise! Just do it easily, no need to speed up (If it lags, Right-Click -> Quality -> Low or Medium)

Level 6: Move the Sharp Tool on each Decoration Ball to cut them. Once every Decoration Ball is cut, click on the RED Button on the Power Box! Use Hammer on the 3rd Light Bulb from Left to Right, which is blue-colored (The one before the Light Bulb on most Right-Side)

Level 7: Click on each Circle-shaped Stone 3 Times (Click on their Top-part), to form a Star. If you really don’t understand what I am saying right now, I think you’ll probably understand this level by yourself. If you still can’t, go to http://images.google.com – and search for “Star”

Level 8: You see the part of the Bow, on the Top-side of the Gift, where the Bow crosses itself. Use Scissor on that part! Click on the Top-part of Gift to take it off, and click inside it to zoom in. Click the paper, Drag it, and release it anywhere, to remove. Remove all the papers

Level 9: Move the Match on the Top-Middle part of the Candle, to light it. Click on Decoration Ball to take it, and move it on the Candle Fire. It will melt, and you’ll get a Key! Use the Key on the Box, on Top-Left side of the Candle, to open it. Take the Multimedia Player, and it will be on the Bottom-part of the Screen. Click on the most Right-Side button [2 Arrows pointing on Right-Side], to Forward

Level 10: Click on the Snow Pile, on Right-side of the House, on the ground. Once the Snow Pile is completely gone, click on the Door House, to ask for Firewood. Once you get the Firewood, simply Move it on the right-side of the Frozen Number, and it will automatically be put there. Click inside the the House Door, to borrow Match. Once a Pop-up window appears with the Match, simply Move your Cursor/Mouse anywhere one screen. Just keep moving it, to lit up the Match. Once the Firewood is on Fire, the Frozen Number, will melt

Level 11: Click on the Milk, and then click on the Glass, next to teh Milk, to pour Milk inside it. Take the Broom, near Bottom-Right side, and use it on the Cookie Jar on Top-Right side of the Top Cupboard, to take the Cookie Jar. Place the Cookies from Cookie Jar on the Plate, next to the Glass of Milk! Click on the Switch on Right-Side of Top Cupboard, to turn the Lights OFF. Click on Switch again, to turn Lights ON, and you’ll relize that the Santa has already been here. Click on the Gift he left

Level 12: Click on the Snow pile in the Middle of the Screen, on the Snow, until it is completely gone! Take the Fishing Net from under Snowpile, and use it on the Middle of the Water, to fish up a Blue Box. Click on Blue Box to open it, and get a Key! Use Key on the Keyhole of the Brown Box, to ge a Firework. Take the Key from inside the Brown Box, and use it on the Key hole, Inside the Blue Box, to get a Match. Use Match on the Thread of the Firework [Bottom-Right side of Firework], and enjoy the Ending


Hidden Star 1: The Star is hidden on Level 7 – You see the 5 Circle-Shaped stones. Look at the one on Top-Middle of all the Stones. On that stone, look at its Top-Middle part, and you’ll find the Blue Star

Hidden Star 2: The Star is hidden on Level 8 – Once you’ve usen the Scissor, and the Cursor changes into a Hand. Look at the Right-side part of the Gift. From that part, look at the Bottom-Right side of the Gift, and there is the Star

Hidden Star 3: The Star is hidden on Level 9 – Once the Candle is lit up, look at the Box on Top-Left side of Candle. Look at the Middle-Left side of the Box, and there is the Hidden Star

Hidden Star 4: The Star is hidden on Level 10 – Look at the Middle-Left side of the House

Hidden Star 5: The Star is hidden on Level 12 – Look at the Top-part of the Left-Side Mountain in the Background


Secret: Once you’ve beaten the Game, look at the Top of the Screen. A text says “CONGRATULATIONS” – look below the Text, and you’ll notice a small text: “SECRET – CLICK HERE”. Click on that Button, to view a List of People I Appriciate – I still appriciate everyone, even if someone isn’t on that list :)


All the Rewards were fake. I just wanted to see how many people would write them here. It would be abit fun for me, LOL! Anyways, the REAL REWARDS will come out later today (28th December 2009), so stay tuned

REWARD 1: Tell the Community that this game sucks. Watch the fun :)

REWARD 2: Claim this game as yours. Tell the others that you made this game, and Prid stole it!

REWARD 3: Tell everyone that you had to Purchase this game in order to play it, and add an Angry face!

REWARD 4: Tell the Community that I secretely told you, that I won’t be releasing the Walkthroughs, and you are my special friend!

REWARD 5: This game is going to be deleted in a few days. Deliver this Message to everyone ;)

REWARD 6: Tell them that you helped me in making the Game! Hopefully, someone will react, and say that you are Awesome!

REWARD 7: You’ve gotten a FREE Ticket to Disneyland by beating this game. You must tell everyone about your reward ;)

REWARD 8: There is nothing else, but 12 Mini-games in this game. Foward this Message to the Community, and they won’t find about the 5 Hidden Stars :D

REWARD 9: The Sequel to this game is going to be released on 24th December 2012

REWARD 10: You got Free Money when you beat this game. You talked with me, and we had an agreement that if you beat the game, I’ll give you free money. This will probably make other people jealous!

REWARD 11: There aren’t 24 Days of Christmas, but 25! This will probably make alot of people react ;)

REWARD 12: There is a secret button on the Start Screen. You have to Pixelhunt in order to find the button. The button will be de-activated once the 5 first persons finds it. Tose persons will be rewarded by getting a free Tool to make games. Forward this message to everyone, and most of the people will start pixel-hunting on the Start Screen >:)

– Walkthrough –

I really hope everyone enjoyed playing my game. This is the Walkthrough, but it’s useless for most of you, because the game is really easy. Anyways, make sure to return afterwards today, for REAL SURPRISES! What I can reveal right now, is that the last reward is really going to be a Software to make Games ;)