Today’s best escape the room game award went to Living Roomed Escape and I promised you all a complete walkthrough for this cool game. And since I always keep my promises, here is the complete, step by step guide that will help you finish the game without any problems. So if you got stuck somewhere, this Living Roomed Escape walkthrough is exactly what you need!

Full Living Roomed Escape solution:

1. Click the table and get the key hidden behind the bowl with ice cubes. Go back.
2. Click on the vases and get the screwdriver from the one to the left. Go back.
3. Click on the bottom of the big lamp and use screwdriver with the left bolt on the chair. Go back.
4. Click on the gong and use the bolt with it. Notice the colors, starting from the top right one: green, blue, red, yellow, green blue red yellow (the small lights) and red, yellow, green, blue, red, yellow, green, blue (the big lights)
5. Go back and click on the cabinet below the vases. The upper row of lights stands for the small lights, the lower one for the big lights. Simply click the lights until each row reflects the order of colors on the gong. When done, click the door to the right and get shiny blue ring.
6. Go back and click on the top of the big lamp. Use the blue ring as a lightbulb then go back.
7. Now if you click the bottom of the lamp, you will see a code (72835). Click on the cabinet to the right and use the key to open the doors. Enter the code and click the bar below to get the key.
8. Go back and click the left of the screen to see the door. Use the new key with it and you’re out!

I hope you liked this walthrough, feel free to share any thoughts on it right away!