Wooden House Escape is a very complex and well done escape the room game. Therefore, you most likely got stuck along the way, but I am here to help you with a Wooden House Escape walkthrough, a full guide for the game. So if you are having trouble beating the game, simply follow the solution posted below and you’ll be out!

Full Wooden House Escape guide:

1. Go left three times. Click the pitch and get the key. Go right.
2. Open the cupboard door to the right and click the top plates to get a new key.
3. Next, turn on the water by clicking the faucet and take the pan on the table and hold it under the water until it fills, then put it back on the cupboard. Next, turn on the stove by clicking the second button from the bottom and drag the pan over until steam gets out. Note the numbers (1 8 7 in my case).
4. Go right. Click and drag the two keys to the two doors to the right (keys disappear when correctly touch the locks). Enter the lower room.
5. Open the bottom drawer of the big cupboard and take the puzzle. Click it in your inventory and solve it (it’s a hand wearing a strange glove). When finished, a code will appear (a letter and four circles). In my case, B and one white circle to the right, plus three black circles.
6. Click the red spot on the door to leave the bedroom and enter the room in front of you (the bathroom)
7. Click on the washing machine and set it according to the code (in my case, first button goes to B, and the second button faces left). The click the numbers you got from the steam in the kitchen (in my case, 187). Now open the washing machine and take a new key.
8. Go back (click the x to the top right, then the top of the screen) and enter the door to the middle (another bedroom).
9. Click on the diamond shapes on the bed’s board until all wooden tiles are in a vertical position. Then click on the switches to the right and then left sides of the bed (this order is important!) to turn the lights on and trigger the secret door from the bed. Get the paper with password.
10. Go back and enter the lower room. Use the key with the top cupboards near the bed. Open the cupboard and click the calculator. Type in your code (ARSUZ in my case) and click OK. Notice that the small red light turns into a green one. Click the thing near it and get the last key.
11. Go back, exit the room and go twice to the right. Use the key with the door and click it to get out.

If you have any questions regarding this Wooden House Escape Walkthrough, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section below!