escape-dungeon-wtEscape the Dungeon is a great Escape the room game from Addicting Games, a truly cinematic experience! However, it’s quite difficult, especially since there is a 10 minutes time limit to finish the game. So if you are stuck and wondering what to do to escape the dungeon, I have the solution for you in this walkthrough. So read on to see the Escape the Dungeon Walkthrough!

Full Escape the Dungeon Walkthrough:

1. Click the skeleton bones on the ground and pick up baseball bat.
2. Click on the skeleton’s upper body and pick up pen. Go back.
3. Pick up saw blade from the left bed.
4. Go left and click the sink. Pick up the cup. Turn on the water (left faucet, then right faucet) and fill the cup with it (drag the cup to the steam). Go back.
5. Go left, click on the right side of the bed, near the pillow. Click pillow to remove and get magazine. Click magazine in inventory and click it again to open. Get the key. Go back
6. Click the left side of the bed and take the diary. Click to read it and note the order of the colors (blue, yellow, green, red). Also note code: 9382
6. Click on the drawers beneath the computer. Open the middle drawer and get screwdriver.
7. Go left to the paintings and click the buttons in the correct order (blue, yellow, green, red). Get the key from the scientist’s eye.
8. Go left and click the skeleton’s upper side. Unlock the padlock to the left using the key from the scientist’s eye and open the box that is revealed to get a new key.
9. Go left and click the locker then use the skeleton key to open the door. Pick up the piece of steel, and the strange container. Go back.
10. Use the screwdriver to open that electrical thing near the locker by dragging the screwdriver to the screws. Click the fuse to see it’s broken. Click on the pen in your inventory until you open it. Use the revealed spring where the fuse was and turn on the power.
11. Go left and click the computer. Turn it on by clicking the power button and answer the riddle (9382 is the code, from the foot of the bed). Click on the item in the upper right corner on the virtual monitor and notice that the message speaks about a Roy G Biv.
12. Click the strange container and set the collors as in the name: R(ed) O(range) Y(ellow) G(reen) B(lue) I(ndigo) V(iolet). Upon doing so, you get a pill.
13. Click the cup with water in inventory then the pill to get the antidote. You feel better, but you still have to escape!
14. Click the blocked door behind the bed and use the heavy piece of steel to remove the planks. Use the key from the magazine to open it and get the tape. Click the bat in your inventory, then the tape, then the blade.
15. Go right twice and use the bat with the right window. You’re out!