icho5The fifth game in the ICHO escape the room game series is now available for all of us to play and since the title just got featured in the Daily Escape, you can imagine that it’s of a really high quality – just like all the games in the ICHO series.

The biggest problem of ICHO Chapter 5, however, is the fact that there’s still no translation into English from the Asian language (most likely Japanese) so everybody who can’t read Japanese will have a tough time getting some of the clues and instructions.

However, I know escape the room game fanatics who take this as an extra challenge, so if some bits of text don’t scare you off, you can give ICHO Chapter 5 a try. There are quite a few areas to explore – more than ever and the visuals have also been improved a little bit, so the overall experience will be simply amazing. Also, just as always, the puzzles are smart and challenging, so this fifth escape the room game in the series is a must play for every fan of the genre.

Click here to give ICHO Chapter 5 a try and have fun!