paradox-embraceIf you are a fan of platformers or if you loved playing Braid, then you will certainly adore today’s free flash game of the day, Paradox Embrace, an innovative product that could’ve easily been created as a “pay to play” game. Fortunately for us, it’s completely free of charge and simply amazing!

The official description of Paradox Embrace tells us the following details:

“Master the worlds of Nature, Technology and the Supernatural and discover the true meaning of the Paradox in this huge puzzle platformer. A casual game of exploration and puzzle solving.

Watch out for roaming demons and mech bugs while you navigate the dynamic levels and uncover the purpose of the mysterious Changers. Try to figure out why things are never quite what you remember them being and use this knowledge to make your way through the world and confront the shadowy figure that keeps you from realizing your dreams.”

Practically, this means that Paradox Embrace is an amazing mix of worlds that can be turned on and off via special devices – lots of parallel worlds, to be specific, each holding some secrets or items you’ll need to activate different stuff in the other worlds you’ll visit. Lost you already? Well, there’s even more!

All the worlds coexist on the same map, but once a parallel world gets activated, the others are deactivated. This means that specific obstacles, threats and monsters can be simply turned off, helping you get an item, then turned back on just to turn off other monsters and obstacles.

Trust me, even if it sounds crazy and completely nonsense, Paradox Embrace is a really intuitive and easy to handle flash game (you only need the arrow keys to control everything in the game) and brings a lot of innovations and hot art into play that it simply is a must play, must finish, must cherish title.

So go on to Newgrounds and play Paradox Embrace. Have fun!