adventures-of-bestIt’s Friday morning, you are probably exhausted after an entire week at work and you wish to relax just a little bit, right? If that’s the case, I propose you blow some virtual blimps up and relieve that tension in The Adventures of Bret Airborne – Episode 1, today’s free flash game of the day.

The Adventures of Bret Airborne – Episode 1 is the first flash game created by the developer of Blimp Wars and by looks of it, things are really promising for games to come. This particular side scrolling shooter doesn’t manage to revolutionize the genre anyway, but does a lot of things right: tons of enemies to blast away, power-ups and some really cool visuals. However, I felt the need for some upgrades and hopefully they will be part of the future episodes.

If you want to know more about the game, here is its official description: “Bret Airborne is the most skillfull blimp pilot in Lupini but right now he needs your help! Pirates are invading the sky and Bret must stop them!”

Or you could simply head over to Kongregate and start playing The Adventures of Bret Airborne – Episode 1. Have fun!