rubbletroubleDo you like blowing stuff up? Demolition Man was your favorite movie and you simply can’t resist thinking how that cool building would look like if you had placed a few explosives here and there? Well, just for the sake of your own health as well as the others, please continue playing games!

Rubble Trouble, for example, is the perfect choice for you if you like taking buildings down: blasts, homing missiles, choppers, cannons and so on – all of these are yours to try in order to get the high score and proceed to the next level where more destruction has to be caused.

The nice thing is that beginner demolition men and women will find the game enjoyable since it’s not that restrictive and the first few levels will simply let you work your magic without any limits. You’ll also get used with the weaponry, the way destroying buildings should be done and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Oh, blast! Simply head over to Nitrome’s official website and check out Rubble Trouble for yourself. Have fun!