Spot the Hidden Objects in Big Island Escape

Spot the Hidden Objects in Big Island Escape

big-island-escapeToday’s free flash game of the day is a bit different from what we tend to get in the Unigamesity – it’s a hidden object game and far from a really tough and challenging one! Big Island Escape is not the best free flash game you’ve ever played, but it’s relaxing enough for you to give it a try… and since gaming is all about relaxing and nothing else, I said “why not?” and decided to award this game with such an important award!

There’s not too much to say about Big Island Escape: there’s no story to go with, except for the official description: “Time to reach for your glasses, find missing items from this prehistoric island.” – and it doesn’t say too much, does it?

But how many details should you wish from a hidden object game? You know the drill – there are more rooms with lots of objects in and you have to search for the indicated ones in order to finish the game. Fortunately for those who are not hardcore hidden object players, Big Island Escape is not too challenging and you’ll have no trouble finding the objects, except for the “dots” who can only be found by trial and error.

But since there are no time limits (and unfortunately no hints either) and the girls in Big Island Escape are pretty and hot, and the game gives you five minutes of relaxation in return, this little flash title is a must play. Then breathe deeply and return to your daily stress…

Click here to play Big Island Escape and have fun!