record-trippingWouldn’t you like to control the time? Wouldn’t you like to reward yourself with a trip to the Wonderland? Wouldn’t you like to be a DJ? I know that these questions seem to be unconnected at the moment, but they’ll make sense as soon as you’ll try Bell Brothers’ game Record Tripping, an amazing puzzle that greatly deserves the award of Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day!

After a brief in-game tutorial, you find out that in Record Tripping you can control time (or the narrator, if you wish) by scrolling the mouse wheel upwards and downwards – like a DJ performing their set – and you can also lower the tempo by clicking and holding the left mouse button.

And it’s not all about amazing controls – within a dreamlike setting, you are taken through five chapters of Record Tripping in which you have to perform different tasks of three degrees of difficulty – from controlling the wind and planting seeds to packing gifts and slowing down the time for cute bunnies, you’ll be amazed to see that the game is more challenging than you’d initially expect it to be.

Apart from the genuine nature of the puzzles, Record Tripping will also put you under its spell with some amazing graphics and a really cool soundtrack. The result? A must play game!

If you want to check out today’s free flash game of the day, Record Tripping, click here and have fun!