zoo-transportIf you consider yourself a solid driver, think again! Zoo Transport, today’s free flash game of the day will certainly prove you that you are far from being a good driver. Or a good penguin. Or a good zoo transporter. Oh, well… prepare to become frustrated!

And if you wonder why I’m recommending a frustratingly difficult game to you all – well, the answer is simple: Zoo Transport has a pretty nice concept behind it’s entire huge level of difficulty and games nowadays tend to be so boringly unchallenging and easy that it’s well to be reminded, every now and then, that a bit of extra work ain’t going to kill you (but if you know you can’t handle stress to well, don’t try the game!)

After this pretty long and discouraging introduction you’re probably worried to carry on – the truth is that Zoo Transport is not necessarily that bad! You are put in the feathers of a penguin driver who has to transport all sorts of animals to the city zoo. Sounds pretty easy in today’s world, but in the game’s world, the boxes are not tied down to the car and the animals inside them tend to do all sorts of strange things, all of them making it very hard for you to drive safe.

I personally hate the parrot the most since it flies when I’m near to the zoo, but all the other animals and their strange demands are pretty annoying, may PETA forgive me! If you’re curious and you want to give your driving skills a try, head over to Armor Games and play for free Zoo Transport. Have fun?