battle-of-lemoladNo, despite the name, Battle of Lemolad is neither a game about a brave Lemon warrior, nor about the Lemoland kingdom. Actually, it has nothing to do with lemons at all but it deals a bit with battles, magic and resource gathering, plus an interesting mix of genres, the reason why Battle of Lemolad grabs Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award today.

Your quest in the game is to become the only ruler of the Kingdom of Lemolad and in order to do so you will have to prepare your army, upgrade your troops and buildings and blast away any and every body that gets in your way. And there will be quite a few bodies to destroy…

The nice thing in Battle of Lemolad comes from the fact that in order to build troops and to use magic, you need resources. And in order to get the resources, you need to play a Bejeweled-like match three game and make sure you’re able to mix and match quick enough – otherwise the enemy troops will get too close and destroy you. And as a little tip – make sure that you build your magic guild as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll lose valuable mana.

Now despite the nice addition of puzzle gameplay into this generic tactical genre, Battle of Lemolad fails to deliver anything huge or revolutionary, but still remains a pretty fun game to play, especially if you have quite some free time at hand and you decide to play any difficulty level BUT the easy one which is frustratingly boring.

But why not give it a try yourself? Grab your sword and head over to Kongregate and play Battle of Lemolad! Have fun!