coffe-room-escapeYou might ask yourself “why?” since it might sound like heaven on earth, but the Coffee Room Escape is not necessary like that. Especially since it’s an escape the room game we’re talking about and that’s what you have to do – escape. Duh!

And especially since the Engrish description of the game is absolutely charming: “It has become cold in seeming finally the Autumn it recently. You were walking slowly while thinking that the attemperation in the room and outdoor was difficult. You suddenly noticed there was a door in the wall in the presence. When you opened the door and entered the inside, you were confined.”

Now tell me – who could say “No” to such a gem?

Jokes aside now, today’s daily escape game is quite a cool title and it’s worth playing to get yourself ready for the week that’s coming: you’ll have to do some pixel hunting and puzzle solving here in Coffee Room Escape, and most likely you’ll love every second spent here.

Click here to play Coffee Room Escape and have fun!