Dungeon crawling? Check! DX11 graphics? Check! Free game? Check! These are just the first three big eye catchers when it comes to Lair of the Madhat, a great looking action RPG game that you should download right away and play until your knuckles hurt!

Created by ManyHat and available for free over at Desura, Lair of the Madhat tells the story of three friends in search for an unknown treasure. Don’t walk away when you hear that the friends are a rhino, a deer and a weasel, because there is some really fun gameplay to be had and some great game mechanics overall. Plus, a short break from all the trolls and orcs and elfs might come in handy!

Special attacks, many different types of enemies and the possibility to play in two player mode – these are just bonuses that Lair of the Madhat comes with. The biggest surprise? This game was created in just 9 weeks, so we can only hope that the developers will spend some more time together and come with a huge, mega-epic game similar to this one!

The game is a bit on the short side and it’s pretty easy, but the fun is guaranteed and you can’t really ask for much more from a free game. So head over to Desura and download this little gem. And have fun!