How ten years of technology has changed the face of the gaming industry

The world-wide-web we know today is very different from that of a decade ago. It’s not just the technology that’s developed at a phenomenal pace, it’s our digital mindset too. As the online landscape has expanded, we’re all that much more eager to embrace the new opportunities it has to offer. None more so than in the world of gaming and online casinos, whose popularity has soared thanks to the innovative technology introduced over the past ten years that has taken our user experience to unprecedented levels.   

Just ten years ago, delivering high-definition 3D tech, volumetric graphics and virtual reality into our homes and onto our phones via the internet was the developers’ dream for the future. That future has arrived, and the potential for even more astounding advances is very real indeed. Take virtual reality video gaming, for example. Using the latest VR headsets, we are transported to a whole new virtual word that’s as real-life as it gets – it’s immersive and exhilarating, and we haven’t even left home!

With an ever-increasing fanbase of avid gamers, it’s no wonder that the eSports industry is growing at an incredible rate, worldwide. The global gaming live streaming audience figures for professional competitive gaming has reached over 700 million, set to rise to 830 million by 2024. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of platforms like YouTube Live and Twitch in the west and Douyu, Zhangi, Huya and PandaTV in China, gaming live streaming is now easily accessible for followers everywhere from Latin America to Africa.

Source: Pixabay 

Real-life sophistication in an online setting

Now, online casinos are catching up by delivering the most sophisticated and realistic online gambling experiences that have the same level of interactivity and playability as gaming. This is an industry that’s invested millions in providing the most real-life look, feel and ambiance of a land casino possible. You’ll find the same 3D modeling, stunning illustrations and themed soundtracks you already enjoy in your favorite video games. What’s more, you’ll find live casino games with dealers streaming in real-time to your screen, taking the stakes, turning the cards and spinning the wheel from a set with advanced live chat functions. It’s just like being in a bricks-and-mortar casino, wherever you happen to be.

Take the online casino Skycity as an example. Having taken the leap to diversify its land casino into an additional online offering, Skycity now brings its extensive range of games to a far wider audience. It is one of a number of online casinos evaluated for its safety and security measures, customer support and trustworthy deposit/withdrawal methods. It also boasts welcome bonuses alongside its variety of games, and the live casino options offer an immersive gambling experience.

Some fully virtual reality casinos are already up-and-running – simply don your headset and step inside to walk around the slots and tables, try out different games and interact with other visitors and players. With so many technological advances made in just the past ten years, who knows what the next decade will bring to our online gaming and gambling world.