online gaming

With your own life and problems to worry about, it’s hard to consistently stay connected with your interests and hobbies. This means that sometimes you dip out of the radar in regards to what’s been going on, and the prospect of jumping back into it can become a bit of a daunting prospect. This can be especially true with something like gaming, where the landscape seems to be constantly shifting in unexpected directions.

When this happens, it can be handy to simply have a brief catch-up that gives you a broad sense of the major points that have been happening. This puts you in a good position to learn more about what you’re interested in and perhaps makes you feel slightly more confident about re-engaging with your interest.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming continues to be an enormously successful corner of the industry, something that likely doesn’t surprise you unless the last time you were tuned into the gaming sphere was quite a while ago. The main ways in which it seems to be succeeding seem to stem from its differences from console and PC gaming. This potentially means that mobile games have a bigger focus on addictive gameplay loops rather than the kind of high-quality, high-budget approach that you see on consoles. 

The mobile gaming market is also incredibly varied. Several mobile exclusive games are very popular due to what they can distinctly offer, such as Pokemon Go and ports of older games or indie games that might have been on consoles. Furthermore, you also have access to what is available through online casinos, such as, which might be something you’re already familiar with through their physical equivalent.

The Acquisition Game

You might have been made aware of recent acquisitions in the gaming sphere due to their presence on news outlets. Some of the more recent examples might have especially caught your attention due to the high amounts of money involved. While this goes a long way to show just how valuable an industry video games have become, it also tells you how eager each corner of the market is to make their respective corner the most appealing one available.

While it might be worth your time to look into these acquisitions, it might also influence your future decisions regarding which console to go for.

Trends and Influences

It can be interesting to look back over different periods in video game history and figure out which games started trends that began to influence how developers designed games in response. A common example that you might see in more recent times is a game like Dark Souls, and how that has gone a long way to pushing games in a generally more difficult direction. That’s a game that came out in 2011, yet the ripples caused by it can still be felt today, though they perhaps didn’t start to come into effect immediately. This can make it difficult to tell which games will be landmark titles that influence the industry’s future direction, even if you do follow the acclaim.