In the aftermath of LucasArts’ closure earlier this year, new details have emerged about all the canned Star Wars games. In a report by Kotaku, a good handful of games were ready to be revealed until LucasArts was closed down.

One of these games was called Outpost, a Star Wars version of Farmville. The game would have allowed players to build empires apparently. Another title was called Smuggler, which was planned to be a multi-platform multiplayer only game. The title would have allowed players to play as customizable Star Wars characters; and contained “smuggling and trading between Facebook, tablets, and consoles.” An iOS game was also in development called Death Star. It would have let players be in control of the infamous Empire’s space ship. LucasArts also had a Origin style download service in the works as well. This network would have helped LucasArts distribute Star Wars games.

Two of these games, Death Star and Outpost, were apparently whiskers away from being officially released. The games had gone through QA testing when they were canned. Another interesting thing revealed in the report was a Days of the Tentacles remake that was 80% complete, even though the game was never officially greenlit.

“Projects get canceled all the time,” one source said. “You’d hope that your process can identify problem projects before they’re finished.”

Unfortunately, LucasArts now only lives through memories.