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Social UGC entertainment Platform lowers the entry barrier for game development

For many, the game business and game development have seemed like a super complex environment, where only a few selected people are able to grow and prosper. Players were only observers and game developers were mysterious figures who would only connect with the audience sporadically. But this is all about to change.

For years now, players have been getting more creative and more involved in the development process. Experimenting through mods and user generated content (UGC), sometimes as a way to protest or solve issues with the original developers, and sometimes out of sheer curiosity about how to make a game. But since Roblox and Minecraft entered the market, the creation scenery has been evolving at a rapid pace, to a more democratic and inclusive environment. And now platforms like YAHAHA are promising to make it even easier for all kinds of creators to get involved in making games.

YAHAHA is a new kind of social entertainment platform, that has been created by a team of Unity veterans. With a team of almost 100 people, its headquarters are in Finland. Last month, the trailblazing platform announced that it has secured an incredible investment of $50million. Now, YAHAHA is inviting people with a creative mind to be a part of its Early Exclusive Insiders Group, ahead of its Alpha launch later this month. With no code-entry levels and thousands of free to use artwork assets, creating 3D content in YAHAHA will be as easy as drag and drop. YAHAHA wants these digital pioneers to play a key role in the development of the platform, by being the first to test it, creating their own virtual community. By visiting, anyone interested in creating content can secure a unique YAHAHA username and join the Early Exclusive Insiders Group on Discord.

We have been given the inside scoop on this exciting new platform, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

What is YAHAHA

So you might be wondering, what is YAHAHA? Well, it is a new UGC social platform, in which creators and players will come together to combine virtual and real world experiences.

YAHAHA is a world that will be created by you, for you. Imagine a 3D virtual environment where friends can come together to create, share, collaborate and play – that is YAHAHA’s vision.

Ushering in the next generation of social entertainment, YAHAHA unifies the creator and player experiences. By joining the Early Exclusive Insiders Group, users can secure their own custom username, and be the first to test YAHAHA. Anyone with a creative mind can become a digital pioneer, building this new virtual frontier.

Once in YAHAHA, everyone, no matter their level of knowledge, will be able to test the platform, creating a universe of fun games and social experiences, paving the way for others in the future. Users can hang out, explore social environments, play games or dive into the simple, fun and free to use tools themselves to design something of their own. Whether you are a gamer who wants to create content, or a hobbyist that loves creating, YAHAHA is the place for you, and you can help to build it.

Like TikTok did for video creation, YAHAHA is on a mission to democratise 3D content creation – making it accessible to anyone with a creative mindset. With an interactive Studio tool, free pieces of art available to use, tutorials, and peer to peer feedback, it’s easy to unleash your creativity. From giving creators the freedom to distribute their content, to offering users the chance to spend time with friends in new and exciting worlds created by fellow players, YAHAHA can have it all. If you build it, they can play it. The only limit is your imagination. 

The platform is made up of the following components:


This is the 3D creator tool where users can build content, games and worlds using existing assets from the YAHAHA Assets Library with little or no coding experience. Several gameplay components will be provided to help new creators to create. The goal is to make it as easy as drag and drop, or leveraging templates to make something new. There will be a learning curve, of course, but YAHAHA is there to support and guide users through the journey. Creators are supported with clear tutorials, prompt feedback and constant iteration, helping complete beginners to create games, content and environments. For those with an interest in coding, YAHAHA will have a place for you too. Lua scripts will be provided at a later stage to allow creators to better customise the gameplay experience. 

After creating content, users will be able to save and publish it. This will send their creation to the YAHAHA cross-platform application that will be available for mobile and PC platforms, and is detailed below.

The YAHAHA app 

YAHAHA is available to use for free on mobile and PC. Within the app, users can come together across platforms to experience and enjoy YAHAHA’s virtual social experiences. This will include digital worlds and games made by users as well as existing YAHAHA content, alongside relaxing social areas, with a variety of control schemes available.

Within the PC app, as well as socialising, creators are also able to use the Studio tool to build content, to manage their creations and to publish any games or environments they have created. Once content is published, YAHAHA users around the world can play and enjoy it. In the future, a monetisation model will be added, making it easy for creators to monetise their content. YAHAHA will also be introducing further elements this year, such as personalised avatars: users will be able create their own digital avatar to start a new digital lifestyle.

How to be a part of YAHAHA now:

YAHAHA is opening an early access programme in March, for interested developers and creators to become virtual pioneers. They will be able to test the platform, give feedback and play a vital part in creating this new virtual world. Staggered content releases will also take place throughout 2022, unlocking more and more exciting features.

Creators can visit to secure a unique YAHAHA username and join the Early Exclusive Insiders Group now. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more about the YAHAHA UGC social platform.