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Minecraft is a creative game that lets you build stunning structures and explore your creativity. One of the difficult things while building any structure in Minecraft is building a roof. Are you struggling with the rooftop? Are you looking for Minecraft roof designs? You have arrived at the right place for some of the cool roof designs Minecraft will let you build. 

Players with an eye for creativity can build wonderful Minecraft house roofs along with the help of some blocks to take them high up. There are many different ways in which you can build a roof and multiple different roof styles in Minecraft. Building a roof in Minecraft may be easier said than done but do not worry, we give you some of the best Minecraft roof designs that you can build with little effort. 

Players of Minecraft always like to experiment with different builds, some like challenging builds whereas some enjoy simple and easy builds. Whatever it may be, building a roof will improve your gameplay and will get you familiarized with how the Minecraft world works and the limitless possibilities that it has to offer. 

The roof is an essential part of any building. It is important that Minecraft roofs are functional and even look good. Minecraft players build a roof for security reasons like keeping the mobs away as well as completing their house design. A house is incomplete without a roof. Irrespective of why you need to build a roof, we provide you with the 10 best Minecraft roof designs. 

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As the name suggests, this Minecraft roof design is in the shape of the letter ‘A’. The shape of A goes all the way to the ground. It feels like building a tent only the outline is made with the help of various block pallets. This A-frame roof design is usually used for Viking structures and is built like a huge roof that hangs.  This design requires materials like slabs, stairs, and full blocks. 

Also, this A-frame roof design is not too difficult to build as you can build it from the ground up. Unlike other roof designs that require scaffolding to build the roof. 

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If you like to start any new project with a basic design, this one’s for you. Gable is a simple roof design that you can build simply with slabs and any type of stairs. There is a good chance that you have already built it before unless you always choose to build a box. 

At first, you may feel nothing different about Gable as it looks similar to the A-frame. But Gable when compared to the A-frame, is smaller and generally hangs at around half the height of the building you are constructing. 


Interested in another version of the A-frame? Here it is. It looks a bit like a curved version of the A-frame. It is a combination of the A-frame and Gable as it also maintains the qualities of the Gable. It is in fact a cool Minecraft roof design. 

It will work perfectly for a medieval build like a farm or a tavern. Try using it in ways unknown, as the builder of this Gambrel has a good opportunity to use it however you wish to. 

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This Clerestory roof design has two panels that sit diagonally next to each other but within 45 degrees of one another. One of the panels is higher than the other. Your entire house will resemble a shoe. You can decide the direction to build this roof design so the rays of the sun can enter through the higher part. This will illuminate your base. 

This Minecraft tower roof uses only slabs for the construction. Clerestory roofs are generally used for church-style buildings or modern houses. 


This is yet again a simple design for a Minecraft roof. To build this mono-pitched roof you will only have to cut the Clerestory’s roof above in half. This uses slabs placed in a diagonal direction to build it. It is quite a simple and straightforward design. 

If you feel all the other Minecraft roof design ideas are a tad bit too difficult, start out with this one so you don’t have to build box houses in the future. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. 

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To build this curved roof you will need materials like stairs, slabs, and a full block. You can try building this fun curved roof that is a variation on the Gambrel roof. But this curved roof is low and looks quite funny like hair from a comic. A lot of Minecraft players use this Minecraft roof design along with barn designs. You can add your own variations to this one as well. There is no limit to what you can create in Minecraft and that is the best part. 


This Mansard roof requires stairs, slabs, a full block, and yes, a trapdoor. This one looks even funnier than the curved roof. This Mansard roof will remind you of the hair of some funny guys you see on the street. This roof design is quite wide and a little stout as compared to all the other roof designs here. This roof will make your house look unique and different. You can use it to decorate a base and decide for yourself if it works well or you need to improve on the design furthermore. 

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To build this Saltbox roof design, you will require materials like slabs, stairs, and a full block. This design is quite popular for many wooden houses. It is made in a similar fashion to the A-frame roof but here one side is made shorter than the other. This makes the Saltbox roof look asymmetrical. If you love everything to be symmetrical and neat this might not be the one for you. Build this Saltbox roof only if you enjoy creating asymmetrical designs that have a unique personality and make everything extremely fun. 


To build this M-shaped roof you will require only two resources, one is slabs and the other is stairs. The M character inspired this roof design idea. It is shaped like a big M. The A-frame butts in this design as well, this M shaped roof is essentially made with the help of two A-frame roofs put next to one another. 

This roof design is of no help to you if you do not have a large enough base. This M-shaped roof requires a huge base for it to be built on and fit perfectly. It needs a large base, could be a house that is medieval or modern either way will work. 

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Gable (Lower Pitch)

Stairs and the full block is all you require to build this Gable (Lower Pitch). It is a version of the Gable but this is a Gable with a lower pitch. Even though it uses only stairs and a full block it gives it the effect of the staircase that is quite unique. If you have reached your build limit or simply want to hide your build you can construct this Gable with a lower pitch. It is a fun build if you like to keep a low profile for a while. 


These were the 10 best Minecraft roof designs that you can try out to make a beautiful roof for your Minecraft base. Even though building a roof may be a difficult job it is not completely impossible and these above-mentioned designs prove it. Take some inspiration from these designs and build a beautiful roof to decorate your house. You have the freedom to build a roof as per your imagination and tweak the designs here and there to call it your own. Don’t wait, start building a roof today.