will-wright-simsNo, this is not a stupid, late April Fool’s Day joke, it’s for real: the legendary Will Wright, the mastermind behind The Sims and Spore, will leave Electronic Arts and Maxis after 12 years to focus on Stupid Fun Club, an entertainment think tank formed by Wright in 2001.

However, it seems that the destinies of the designer and EA will still be connected, since the publishers are holding an equal number of shares as Wright in Stupid Fun Club plus the right to refuse anything the company produces, basically meaning that it’s still EA the company who has the control.

However, this does not mean that Will Wright is done with the gaming world – it’s a view shared by Maxis’ general manager Lucy Bradshaw, who said to MTV: “I think Will will continue in the games space. It’s something that’s very natural to him… I think what gamers might see is other directions Will might take on as well.”

At the moment there are no further details regarding Will Wright and Stupid Fun Club. But keep checking back as we might find out some more interesting facts.