Electronic Arts has announced a new program for their Origin service called Game Time. Similar to the style of Steam’s free weekend, Game Time gives gamers a fully unlocked game for free at a limited amount of time. The difference between Steam’s free weekend and Origin’s Game Time is that Game Time gives the player 48 hours at the time of starting the game for the first time. Which means you can download a game while it is on offer then start it whenever you want.

After the 48 hours of real time is over, then the game will need to be purchased in order to continue playing the game and any progress made within the 48 hours will remain.

The first game in the new promotion is Titanfall. This shows promise that Game Time will be an interesting proposition for Origin considering this is the latest high profile release for EA. Hopefully, EA will keep up the intensity for Game Time with future games.

EA has also made a helpful video to describe how Game Time will work and you can find that video embedded below.