06 Star Wars Battlefront 3Princess Leia, Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine have been confirmed as playable hero characters in Star Wars: Battlefront, with details of their playstyle disclosed.

The three characters had initially been discovered as playable by data miners into the game earlier in the month.

In a post on PlayStation Blog, lead hero designer for the game Jamie Keen says the primary goal for the hero characters was to “capture their essence and spirit from the original Star Wars film trilogy, and then convey that through gameplay.”

Describing Princess Leia as a more difficult character to pin down her playstyle compared to other characters, Keen says with her leadership abilities “she’s very much about support play, buffing team members and holding positions.” As an added bonus, players that spawn nearby will find themselves turned into Alderaan Honour Guards.

In terms of offensive capabilities, Leia has an ability called Trooper Bane, which is described as a ‘hard-hitting, boosted blaster shot’. It is a single-burst ability that one hit kills Stormtroopers, whilst dealing a lot of damage and temporarily stunning opposing hero characters.

For the defensive side, Leia has an Enhanced Squad Shield, an upgraded version of the basic card. It stops some force abilities, which still allows Leia to shoot through it, unlike ground troops. She can also call in supply drops, which can contain power ups or health for heroes.

Han Solo is described as similar to a Rebel trooper, but with an enhanced arsenal. He is also noted a being the easiest hero character to get to grips with. The focus for the characters abilities was to cover offensive output, damage, and mobility. His first ability is Rapid Fire, which will allow you to fire as fast as you can for a few seconds without fear of overheating.

Solo’s second power is focused on taking on vehicles. Entitled Lucky shot, it is a ‘build-up and release’ style ability that deals massive damage to vehicles, but can also break a Jedi’s block. Finally, Han has a Shoulder Charge ability, which can be used to quickly enter or exit a battle.

Finally, Palpatine has his signature Force Lightning as his primary means of attack to anyone within range. It also comes with a powerful Chain Lightning attack which attacks enemies in all directions.

The Emperor also has a Force Dash ability, which can be activated to move very quickly in one direction, as well as a support ability called Villain. Akin to the supply drops Leia can call for, Palpatine can gather power ups for ground troops or health for other villain characters.

What are your thoughts on these three? Are there any other hero/villain characters you’d like to see introduced?