PS4PlayStation 4’s next firmware update, v3.50, will introduce the ability to ‘Remote Play’ onto PC and Mac.

The feature will allow players to stream their PS4 on their PC or Mac. This will ensure the PS4 is in-line with rival console Xbox One, which has been able to Remote Play with PC’s since the release of Windows 10.

Other features being added to this update include the much-anticipated friend’s online notifications, so you will have the option to be notified when your friends go online on their PS4. You will also be able to appear offline when the update rolls out. An ‘appear offline’ option will also be added for when you are watching something or just don’t want to be disturbed by any notifications.

Other additions include User Scheduled Event. This will allow people to organise when they want to play with their friends. When the said event is starting, those who are registered for the event will automatically be added to a party, so everything can get started straight away.

Also being added is the ability to see what other people in your party are playing to make it easier to start a game together or join another person’s game.

The final announced feature includes the ability to live stream onto Dailymotion, and Sony says it will also support the ability to archive live broadcasts, like they do with other streaming services.

The update will go into a beta test tomorrow (but will not be testing Remote Play during this). No sign of a full-on release date, though. Sony says other features and a release date will be coming soon.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]