The US’ Game Industry Growth in 2015 Signals Even Bigger Growth for 2016

The US’ Game Industry Growth in 2015 Signals Even Bigger Growth for 2016

The video gaming industry has never looked healthier. Even though the money and profits within the industry itself is constantly shifting due to the vast range of gaming options that are now offered to players as a whole it managed to grow even further in 2015. The industry generated $23.5 billion last year, an increase of 5% upon 2014, and it’s a figure that has many experts in the gaming field excited for continued prosperity in 2016.

In 2015 the sale of the games themselves catered for around $16.5 billion of that $23.5 billion figure with hardware accounting for the remaining amount. This was a 7% increase from the previous year and took into account physical and digital sales, which included mobile-based content, DLC, gambling downloads and subscriptions.

Red Flush Casino, like many other operators are taking full advantage of this surge in Online Gaming’s popularity and monetary value. The long-term goal of making online gaming mobile has helped gaming brands plan for the now and the future.

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It’s very much an incredibly diverse gaming market out there today. We are constantly being bombarded with new and excitingly innovative technologies and almost anything that has a screen these days has some capability of gaming to enjoy. With smartphone, tablet and other mobile-based devices evolving at an incredible rate it has meant that developers and gaming companies have been hard at work creating and re-developing games for this emerging pool of new potential gamers.

The iOS gaming market itself has had plenty of success over the past few years and even though the market has slowed a little in more recent time it’s still a platform that appeals to a mass market of gamers and one which has opened the doors to new players of all ages. Whilst this success has had a major impact on the console market it has also helped kick start the industry once more into evolving as necessary to help attract gamers back to the more traditional styles of gaming.

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We live in a digital age and the ability to game online and via the various online, and home-based streaming services now on offer is becoming more and more important to recreational players and more avid gamers alike. There’s no one definitive gaming platform and with so many choices of how best to play your favourite games it can be overwhelming. But this has meant that the industry has simply spread its wings to a wider range of platforms and ultimately reaching a much wider gaming audience.