Co-branding, and availability of unique gaming experiences have increased the popularity of online casinos in the past years. For the gaming industry, co-branding has been used to create slots with unique themes and features, including icons, people and cartoons that are copyrighted by the co-branding company. One great example of a slot like this is the Net Entertainment slot with South Park theme. The South Park slot has not only been a huge success, but also given some feeling of exclusiveness to the Net Entertainment brand. However, Net Entertainment is not a online casino, but a game provider. So in the case of the casinos, branded slots from a game provider does not offer any exclusive content to the casinos brand.

Standing out in the crowd
As an online casino, how do you stand out in the crowd? There are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos out there, who more or less serves you the same package. In search for distinguishing elements, some online casinos – and game providers – have lately sought to create gaming experiences which stand out from the rest of the crowd. This might sound like a hard nut to crack, but with some creativity – some casinos have launched their own pokies with unique features that only can be played on their platform. Clearly, this is an effort to offer a unique product that can be found nowhere else.

A sense of nostalgia
Some co-branded slots are quite awesome. They offer up new and completely unique features that never before has been seen in pokies. Some of them also give you a nostalgic feeling that is quite hard to describe. And for most customers, it is hard to point out the exact reasons for why they keep on playing the same pokies over and over. When casinos are able to offer such experiences to their customers, loyalty will remain within that particular casino.

How to distinguish the different providers
As a customer, it’s not easy to separate the different casinos from each other, let alone the great ocean of welcome offers. How do you know you have chosen the right online casino? Gathering data and information from every individual casino is not a very easy task, but thankfully, there are affiliated companies out there who do so. One good example of such a company is PokiesPedia, who gather relevant information and data for you to read, all in one place. What is probably best about sites like these is the fact that they negotiate exclusive welcome offers for their customers.