Recent research and studies reveal that the recruiting team of your dream firm may likely be interested in your online gaming abilities. Thus, the time spent in front of your computer/laptop figuring out gaming strategies may be worthwhile after all.

That said, it’s easy to understand why gaming has become so popular among college students, and here are more reasons why:

1. Enhances Experiential Learning

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that top students invest a large chunk of their daily routines in gaming. But in reality, gaming and learning go hand in hand. Gaming hones the player’s concentration and contributes to building up memory as well as retention skills.

Gaming also provides the perfect setup for contextual learning. Most video games are built around engaging and interactive storytelling narratives, paving the way for conceptual understanding.

2. Level Up Problem-Solving Skills

Going by Mayor and Wittrock’s definition, problem-solving should be goal-oriented and depends on how knowledge can be manipulated. Games having well-structured challenges often require the players to use already-known ideas to solve new challenges presented in the games. The continuous use of such kinds of cognitive exercises improves the player’s understanding of a particularly problematic situation and helps them to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to tackle the situation.

3. Boosting Strategic Management

You’ll hardly ever see a pro gamer who is bad at making strategic decisions. That’s because one of the foremost requirements of excelling at video games is to work out strategic plans that’ll result in a win. Gameplays offer complicated challenges that need to be overcome hence, gaming develops accurate decision-making ability.

Gamers also have impressive visual and spatial understanding. 3D games test a player’s understanding of virtual space based on how far they can visualize beyond the screen.

4. Job Prospects In Gaming

There are multiple job aspects in the field of gaming, which is all the reason why college students are engaging in video gaming. E-sports can be just as lucrative as other conventional sports. However, to become an esports prodigy you need to have your priorities straight. When in college, you can invest some extra amount of time in gaming by leaving your time-taking assignments up to professional paper writers

Gaming abilities don’t necessarily need to be used only in gaming careers. Nowadays, a multitude of top company recruiters takes gaming skills and abilities into consideration while hiring college students.

5. The Essential Dose Of Dopamine

It’ll be wrong to think that college students indulge in gaming just because of how advantageous it is to their career prospects. Some just want to engage in something highly interesting to spend the free time they get after getting their assignments done.

While movies and TV shows also account for great dopamine-inducing activities, gaming is the only one that requires active participation, and activities like these are far more efficient in de-stressing burnt-out students.

6. Teamwork Abilities

We’ve already discussed how many skills can be picked up by indulging in gaming, but it doesn’t end there. Many high-tech gameplays require you to form teams and achieve a common goal.

This attribute also helps students in becoming great team players, and oftentimes great leaders as well. Leading your team to victory in a challenging game is a major achievement.


Contrary to popular belief, gaming helps students grow in ways simple college education cannot. And while it’s important to have your priorities aligned, engaging in gaming can be more beneficial than destructive.

So, if next time, someone tries to downplay your gaming abilities to be nothing but futile, remember it’s as important as other skills and abilities.