Online games

Have you ever considered starting your own gaming site? There are a lot of developers looking to get their little indie games out there and simply need some exposure. You can offer a place where your visitors can find the best online games on the market and stay engaged forever.

But you’ve got to do it right. You can build a website easily enough, and run it simply, but there are elements of gaming websites that simply take them from nothing to 100%. If you’re looking for some tips, keep reading for our guide. We’re breaking down the elements that make the best gaming sites, such as improved live streaming options and virtual reality optimization. Of course, the most important element that any game or website needs is a proper tool for website speed optimization. Read on for all the details regarding the vital tools every gaming site needs.


There is nothing worse than when you are in the middle of a game, the stakes are high, you’ve put the work in and suddenly your internet gives out. Well, maybe a parent that doesn’t understand that you can’t pause an MMO game.

That’s why a gamer’s biggest priority is reliable Wi-Fi. You can get all the gadgets, you can play every genre, you can stream whatever banter you like, but you won’t be able to do any of those without a good Wi-Fi connection. Or you can, but not for long.

With the introduction of 5G and better internet pillars, and the extra security coming from end-to-end encryption and superior cyber security, meaning that gamers are allowed to log in to any network safely, there is more incentive than ever for gamers to log on and play. Gaming websites benefit from this, as their games can be enjoyed on the commute to work, in the park, and just about anywhere else as long as they have their smartphone handy.

As more and more games become MMO, or the PvP game modes place emphasis on faster and faster reactions, internet latency and speed are paramount.

And mobile app developers have noticed. A lot of games that were once found on websites or on consoles are now coming in mobile app form so that gamers can play at any point.

Live streaming

If you think of “gaming” and “streaming” in the same sentence, no doubt someone like Ninja or Pokimane might come to mind. Gamers in front of a camera playing and live streaming it to masses of fans, but live streaming has more uses than gaining donations from GTA fans.

Live streaming can be a more private affair, making for a hugely immersive experience. It has found particular relevance in online poker, where physically seeing your opponent is a big part of the game, to read poker faces and body language tells.

But more than that, the live streaming option immerses the game. Casino game players can feel like they are right back in the casino, with a dealer dealing them in with a friendly face and a chat nearby for more community aspects.

Immersion is an important aspect of any game. Anything that was transferred from the real world to the internet, the movie-going cinema experience, books, etc. all tend to come with the overused phrase “It’s not as good as the real thing”. If a gaming website can offer immersion, they are going some way to make online gaming as good as the real thing.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is taking off. If Zuckerberg isn’t convincing you to host office meetings in the virtual space, Amazon is telling you to do your shopping in it. But virtual reality was created for the gamers, and that is where it has found its home. With the aid of online games, you can even make a virtual reality headset out of a cardboard box with your phone in it.

Offering a VR option to website games is an important feature that offers a whole new experience. We’ve already gone over how important an immersive experience is, and virtual reality takes that to a whole new level, where you are immersed in a fantasy world.

And it doesn’t take much to make a game virtual reality. At its simplest form, it is just excluding everything around you, like the cardboard box option, but you can also get dual screens or screens that wrap around you to make the experience feel like you’re really there. Gaming websites making use of this can add a whole new repertoire of players to their site.


If you’re looking to make the best gaming site you can, you should hit all of these elements and nail them down. Gamers are especially impressed by the next best tech advancement, so you are likely to attract a lot of them with a site as cutting edge as possible. Do that, and you’ll have the hottest hang out spot that everyone will want to play in.