Cottagecore Minecraft House

One of the themes is Cottagecore, before we get into what cottagecore is for Minecraft let’s discuss what it means. Cottagecore as a theme has come to life because of the internet.  It focuses on cottages, flowers, home gardening, sewing, baking anything to do with living a humble life in harmony while being cute. Cottagecore minecraft house ideas do really well all over the community.  A lot of LGBTQ circles love this aesthetic and swear by it. Taylor Swift and country breeze often come to mind when you’re preparing a mood board for Cottagecore. On Minecraft, it means the same except you need resources and time to create this dream. 

Top 10 Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

Cottagecore in Minecraft is one of the most out-there aesthetics that there is on Minecraft, the game has a lot of themes such as ancient, oceanic,, and others. Cottagecore on the other hand is a theme that is more in touch with nature. This aesthetic lets you go back to basics by being in sync with nature. You can build a nice home that is suitable for this theme and we have ideas for that. 

Here we have the top 10 ideas for minecraft cottagecore house that will go great with the nature-themed aesthetic that you are trying to build in Minecraft. Ready?

Strap on. 

Dual Mushroom House

As the name suggests this type of Cottagecore minecraft house is the two-player mushroom base where you can store your essentials and once the night falls you can seek shelter here. It is functional and gathering resources for it doesn’t take as much time. There is a clear reason why this one is on the top of our list. It serves the purpose of having the resources kept in one place and it also lets you enjoy the view. It makes for a great house in a cottagecore aesthetic.

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Survival Cottage

As the name suggests again, this is a very basic design that serves all the functional purposes, it has storage space as well. Greenhouse to grow crops in. The view around this area is also breath-taking. This Cottagecore minecraft house also has a nice hill close to the hill and a crafting station you can easily make this your base. This one is based on the idea of survival but don’t let that fool you it also looks quite gorgeous.

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Fairy Bridge

Fairy Bridge Cottagecore minecraft house is made up of stone bricks and oak leaves. Making it as efficient as it’s beautiful. Like the name suggests the theme of this is fairyland. This design involves nether portals so that they connect areas of thousands of blocks. The fairy bridge design comes in the top 10 best Minecraft bridge ideas as well. In this, you just connect two pieces of land and let it die. 

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Bee Sanctuary

No cottagecore is complete without a Bee sanctuary. Everyone has been excited about the bee feature ever since it was announced. Bees are also known for how useful they are when it comes to growing your crop. They help your crops grow faster but that’s only if your bees are fed on the top of the farm. You can create a gorgeous bee sanctuary for your bees, this is a great added aesthetic for your cottagecore life. It is also our personal favorited Minecraft cottagecore house from this list. 

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Fairy Starter House

This type of home gives you an upper hand in having the most appropriate fairy house. There is a lot of simplicity to this one. The base idea here is to use whatever you already have. Other than that, my favorite feature of this one is that you have a ton of options when it comes to the interior of this design. A fairy fantasy is an amazing addition to your cottagecore, it doesn’t get boring and no it has no glitters. At least not yet anyway. 

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Aesthetic Cottage

As the name suggests, this is the most aesthetic experience you will have in this game. This minecraft cottagecore house is made up of oak, birch, and brick blocks. It has a very easy design that you can follow through very easily. It looks rustic and goes very well with the rest of the aesthetic. It isn’t the biggest building, which works out because you don’t need a big building for it to look amazing in this game. 

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Fairy Enchanting Room

If you want to survive everything in this game you will need the tools for it. There will be a need to kill the ender dragon at some point for that you will need an enchanting room, it is a must for anyone who has ever played Minecraft or wants to thrive in it in the future. The building construction requires types of stone blocks and obsidian. If you are a fan of the spooky you can add some resources that you find in the nether. This is a great technique to add if you want to survive in this game and this type of room lets you do that aesthetically. 

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Underground House

This too is an amazing added aesthetic to your cottagecore aesthetic, you can use this cottagecore minecraft house for adventure or be a quiet farmer that wants nothing from the world. If you’ve taken the pains to create it and since it takes so long the latter would make more sense. It has a rustic appeal but it keeps you covered when it comes to essentials, you have a crafting table and a chest. It is quite functional in its appeal.

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Fairy Gate

The view for this is incredible, you can use it as an entrance to your town or you can use it as an outer frame for a nether portal. The best part is that it doesn’t take that long to build it and you don’t need a lot of resources either to build it. Add to this you can use your color pallet. This is a great addition to the aesthetic of your cottagecore. Fairy Gate can be built anywhere but ideally you should keep it at an entrance, the presence of it at the entrance really sets your town apart.

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Aesthetic Farm

This one is considered as a homage to artisanal users of this game. This one has a forest cum dreamy atmosphere. It allows you to achieve a fairy-based aesthetic that your cottagecore style can vibe with. You can use red stones to create this just like you might have to do with other farms in Minecraft. On this kind of farm, you can use crops for decoration, adorn your farm with crops and see how breathtaking the view looks. This is one of the coolest ones that there is. Make sure you have all the resources you need for this one, it doesn’t take a lot of time to build this cottagecore minecraft house otherwise.

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As you might have noticed you don’t need a lot of skill or resources to build these cottagecore minecraft house. You do need some time for a couple of ideas but you can manage that I suppose. None of the ideas are complex and can be achieved by anyone familiar with this game. 

Minecraft has a range of aesthetics and fairy-like aesthetics or the cottagecore one is an incredibly easy one to achieve.