A hard black crystal shard is a piece of an unknown crystal storing a lot of energy within. BDO Hard Black Crystal Shards are used to make concentrated black stones that can enhance your armor and weapons. The concentrated stones can be sold for a whopping price of around 3.6 to 4 million. So, that’s what makes hard black crystal shards so valuable and difficult to obtain.

This guide will give you some of the ways to help you gather hard black crystal shards easily and quickly. So, let’s dive straight into it!

How to Successfully Get BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard

1. Increase Your Gathering Speed

Gathering items and materials in BDO is probably the easiest way to obtain some hard black crystal shards. The reason being that the gathering actions do have a chance of dropping crystals. So, you can do two things here:

Gather materials you require or finding out which type of gathering has better chances of dropping a black crystal shard. But with either of the two cases, first, you need to speed up your gathering activity. Because as you might already have experienced, the gathering process could become a tedious activity if not done in a fast way.

So, to achieve the best gathering speed, you must have a gathering stat of level 5. The simplest way to do the same is to join a guild that can provide some bonuses to your gathering stat. Now, equip a Life Spirit Stone (can be bought from the central marketplace). It will get you to level 5 gathering stat once it is activated.

Moreover, make sure that you always use good gathering tools and also sharp ones. This way your gathering speed will increase a lot. Also, you can equip some magic tools because they do sometimes increase your chance at gathering a hard black crystal shard.

2. Gathering Wood to Obtain BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard

BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard

Minimizing the gathering time will help you gather as many BDO hard black shards as possible. But, your methods can be optimized even more. Most of the players have reportedly commented that logging or wood gathering is the best and fastest way to obtain hard black shards.

Now, you must be wondering why? The reason is that wood can earn you the highest amount of silver when compared to other gathering materials. Moreover, wood will never go out of demand because it is required in building boats. Also, gathering wood is extremely simple and you just need a strong pick-axe for the task.

Furthermore, the location of logging is also important here. A dense forest with a lot of trees and a rather beaten route is perfect for this job. After all, there aren’t any monsters here to slow down your pace. Some recommended locations for the same are the southwest forest near Calpheon and the southern forest of Velia. Both these options are packed with trees and hence, preferable choices.

3. AFK Gathering Hard Black Crystal by Gathering Water from Rivers or springs

Gathering Water from Rivers or springs

You can also collect river water and spring water to gather hard black crystal shards. But, for this, first, you need to purchase empty bottles for gathering the water, from the marketplace. Once you have enough bottles, find a safe river or spring. Our recommendation is the spring situated in the Heidel marketplace.

Gathering water from a spring is pretty simple. Just jump into the river or spring and then right-click on the bottle. Select the box that prompts you to keep gathering. This way you will be AFK gathering water from spring or river. Make sure that you keep gathering until you get a hard black crystal shard.

4. Crafting BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard by Melting Witch’s Earrings

In case you don’t prefer spending a lot of time and effort in gathering, then you can opt for this method. BDO allows you to obtain hard black crystal shards by melting certain blue accessories.

But, note that this is a highly expensive way to gather crystal shards. So, go for it only if you have a lot of silver or when you can’t get any shards in the marketplace.

The following blue accessories give BDO hard black crystal shards on melting:

  •  Bensho’s necklace,
  •  Good Deeds necklace, and
  • Scarla necklace

5. As Hunter’s Seal Shard Rewards

After the patch update on July 1st, 2020, the players get rewarded with hard and sharp crystal shards from Hunter’s Seals. You can obtain Hunter’s Seals from boss fights, repeatable quests, and defeating scrolls.

Use of BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard

BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard is a very valuable gathering item. This is mainly because it is used to produce or craft much more valuable and pricey items. Given below is a list of all the items that are prepared using the BDO Hard Black Crystal Shard:

1. Concentrated Magical Black Stone

Concentrated Magical Black Stone enhances your gear via the Black Spirit. The gear items it enhances include your helmet, armor, gloves, and shoes. It can be prepared by heating a hard black crystal shard and 2 black stones.

Moreover, the concentrated magical black stone has a trading market price of around 2 million. So, buying a hard black crystal shard to make a concentrated black stone is a highly profitable deal.

2. Ultimate Armor Reform Stone

This is a type of reformation stone and it is used to try and reform your defense gear. The current trading price of this stone is 5.9 million. It can be prepared by heating one hard black crystal shard with grade-3 armor reform stones (10 in number).

3. Concentrated Magical Black Gem

Now, hard black crystal shards can also be used to craft a concentrated magical black gem. This gem is used to enhance a specific equipment type. You just need to perform simple alchemy on 5 black gems, 1 sharp black crystal shard, and 1 hard black crystal shard to obtain it.

Keep in mind that a concentrated magical black gem can be traded off for an insane price of around 7 million.

4. Black Stone

Black Stone is a part of the recipe to prepare concentrated magical black stone. You can obtain around 1 to 5 black stones by grinding 2 of the hard black crystal shards together.


That was a detailed explanation of all the ways by which you can successfully gather BDO hard black crystal shards. Lately, players are facing trouble gathering hard black crystal shards. So, hopefully, employing the methods mentioned in this guide will help you out.