Learning how to tame a horse in BDO is very important because it helps you save a lot of silver Moreover, it also permits you to start breeding horses of a higher tier. Black Desert Online is a fun game with a lot of interesting activities and taming wild horses is one of them.

Taming horses also allows you to trade wagons for extra horses. But, horse taming is not an easy procedure. So, we bring you a BDO horse guide for taming to help you with the same. This guide tells you everything you need to know for the taming procedure along with a step-by-step set of instructions.

Getting Rope and Sugar Lumps to Tame a Horse

The first step in this BDO horse guide is to capture a horse and some lumps of sugar. We’ll tell you how to do the same.

Capturing Rope

You can buy a rope from a Stable Keeper of any city or town. And to find a stable keeper, tap the NPC button adjacent to your minimap and click on Stable. Now, you will get directed to the nearest Stable Keeper. If you want to interact with a Stable Keeper, press the shop logo.

To start with the horse taming procedure, you need to buy 10 Capturing Ropes. This will cost you around 15k silver. Although you need just 1 capturing rope for each taming attempt. But, buying 10 will ensure that you have enough supply in case you fail.

Sugar Lumps

This is something that you need to prepare on your own. And you need to feed it to the horse after you have put a rope around it. This will make your horse less resistive when you move closer to mount it.
Now, to make a lump of raw sugar, buy 1 unit of Mineral Water and 10 pieces of Raw Sugars for every lump of raw sugar. This will cost you around 2030 silvers for each lump of raw sugar. Then, you need to cook the ingredients at a cooking NPC. Just click on the NPC button and choose cooking.

Next, hit L and the Processing Window will open up. Then choose the Heating option and after that click on Mineral Water and Raw sugar. Prepare around 10 raw sugar lumps but the amount is your call, you can choose as many as you like.

Finding Wild Horses To Tame in BDO

Once you are done with collecting Capturing Ropes and Lumps of Raw Sugar, now you need a horse to tame. There are several locations where wild horses can be found. Keep in mind that each of these locations has around 1 to 4 horses. And after they are tamed, they’ll have a respawn duration of 2 more hours.

You can find wild horses at the following locations:

  1. West/ North side of Heidel
  2. Southern Part of Olivia
  3. Southward area of Glish
  4. Eastward zone of the Trent in the Mountains
  5. South-Eastern Part of Calpheon
  6. Southern Part of the Epheria Port

BDO Horse Guide: Steps To Tame a Horse in BDO

Now that you have the capturing ropes and lumps of raw sugar with you, and know where to look for the horses, let’s get to the taming procedure. Follow the steps given below to tame a horse in BDO:

  1. Put your rope and the sugar lumps collected in the hot bar for easy access.
  2. Carefully reach out to the horse but getting too close might annoy it
  3. Aiming at your horse and tap on the number that your rope is set at. With this, a red-colored cross-hair will appear and your gaming character will start swinging a lasso.
  4. Left-click your mouse when you are ready to throw your rope and then hit the space button as soon as the meter reaches the good zone. Now, a minigame will appear provided you have done the job properly and you need to press the spacebar every time the grey item gets inside the red area. You might require a few attempts with this to get it right and you’ll receive only one try attempt per rope.
  5. Move towards the horse once the lasso gets around your horse’s neck and its front hooves are rested on the ground.
  6. Now, if your horse stands up on its front legs, you need to press the space bar and start the second minigame. The trick here is not to press the spacebar just like that. You need to wait till the horse tries raising its hooves.
  7. After the mini-game starts, you need to repeatedly press the spacebar bar to keep the indicator towards the right. Try to keep it like so for 10 seconds.
  8. Continue progressing forward.
  9. Once you are in close range of the horse, a circle will show up above its head. This is the right time to interact with your horse. Try mounting it now or feed it some sugar lumps.
  10. We recommend that you feed the horse 4 sugar lumps in succession. And give it some time to cool down before providing it with the next sugar lump.
  11. Now, walk to one side of the horse and mount it by pressing R. As a result, the horse might accept you or give you a nice face kick. So, if you get kicked off, then it’s time to start over again.
  12. After you have tamed the horse, take it to a nearby stable via the NPC lookup option. Keep in mind that while taking it to the stable, you can’t ride it on the way. It will follow you or your other horses and move slowly because, at this point, it won’t run.
  13. Then, register the horse with the stable keeper while interacting with him. If you don’t get any stable space, then you’ll need to purchase a ranch for your horse.

Final Words

That’s the end of our BDO horse guide for taming. After you have tamed a wild horse and registered it with a stable, you need to keep it there only. Also, every time you need to mount your horse, you’ll have to go and fetch your horse from this stable. And make sure to give it a name and find out its gender after you have stored it in the stable.