Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is one of the favorite games of players around the world. And processing skill is an important thing to know about if you want to excel at the game. To help you with the same, we have come up with a BDO processing guide.

Processing is a significant life skill in BDO that includes activities like chopping, drying, grinding materials, etc. All these processing actions result in the final processed items that are further required in higher crafting.

First, you need to know that there are three tiers of processing in BDO: Tier 1, 2, and 3. And you need to gain a certain amount of knowledge to succeed in every tier of processing. This BDO processing guide will clear your doubts about these tiers and other aspects of processing.

First Tier BDO Processing

The first tier processing in BDO is a great way to start getting to know the game. It will also help you gain some experience but it is not that good when it comes to money-making. An example of first-level processing is cutting timber or making melted shards by heating. If you want to get serious with earning something, then you need to gain access to the second tier processing.

Second Tier BDO Processing

After you have completed some quests and gained some knowledge, then you can begin with the second-tier processing. Gaining appropriate knowledge is necessary for being able to process the materials. Some examples of second-tier processing are heating melted shards into ingots and cutting planks further into plywood.

You are in luck if your gathering skill is currently at apprentice level 4. This will allow you to jump directly to Ficy in Heidel with a quest named “Learning Higher Knowledge”. Else, you need to finish a long quest chain before entering Heidel.

First, the black spirit will lead you towards the first quest “Because I Like You” in Jemkas Wyrmsbae. This quest requires a gathering skill of Beginner 7. Otherwise, you will have to finish another quest called “Go to the Northern Quarry”.

The following list of quests, when completed in order, will take you to Heidel for speaking with Ficy:

  • Because I Like You
  • Nothing Our Friendship Cannot Do
  • Settling Down in Heidel
  • Storage Keeper Amerigo
  • Bustling Alejandro Farm
  • Helping With the Pumpkin Harvest
  • A Threatening Scarecrow!
  • A Meat Dish for the Workers
  • In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge

Once you have talked to Ficy, you can start with the next set of quests. Else, if you are at gathering level 4, you can jump :

  • Materials for Equipment Repair
  • Pure Water for an Experiment
  • Working the Ash Tree

Now, the last three quests can be finished in any order:

  • Need Soft Hides!
  • Toys for Kids
  • Thinning Feathers

Third Tier BDO Processing

An example of third-tier processing is processing plywood into sturdy plywood and processing ingots into crystals. Now, to get started with the third tier processing, you need some more knowledge that has to be gained by completing certain quests. And to get started with the quests, you need your gathering skill to be at 10 and processing at professional 5 or more.

First, you have to go to a villager in Keplan to get a quest. Then, you’ll reach Vatudun located in Keplan Mines. Once done with that, you will have gained the beginner knowledge required for this tier.

Vatudun will send you off on a long list of quests at the end of which you will receive the Heating Skill as a reward. Now, you can make pure metal crystals via this skill level. After that, you will be sent off to Murghed.

Again, Murghed will provide you with two quests and on completing these, you will get the Chopping skill. Gain the Shaking: Skilled by attaining processing artisan level 1.

Then, go to Behr now to complete some more quests and gain the Drying: Skilled. And with that, the chain of quests come to an end. Then, you can get the Grinding: Skilled yourself by completing the next set of quests. For this, go to Calpheon and look for Geranoa.

He will ask you to finish four more quests and you will receive Grinding: Skilled upon completing them. Lastly, Matheo will give you another set of four quests, and finally, you’ll receive the last bit of knowledge, i.e. Thinning: Skilled.

What is the Fastest Way to Level Up Processing to the Artisan Level?

Leveling up your processing skill comes with a bunch of benefits. For example, when you reach artisan 1, you will get the permit to process materials bought from the markets. And then, you can also sell them to make a profit. So, going up to Artisan 1 needs to be a priority since you’ll get much more output from it with the same amount of input.

In case you have a worker empire, then you will further want to level processing. The reason is that in this situation, processing could bring in a whole lot of money. If you want to take your processing skill to the artisan levels, then one of the best ways to do so is by processing flax into flax thread. This can be done by heating the flax which is a raw material. You receive these when you are with workers of the Costa Farm southwest of Heidel.

Another method to level up your processing skill quickly, you can heat up some steel. This is a better alternative because steel can also be used to create Trade crates that are further utilized in trading life-skill. You can also purchase it in any marketplace. Also, keep in mind that the tier 1 processing will give you the same amount of experience as any second-tier processing. And if you can execute tier 2 processing, then you can further process the flax threads created into flax fabric. This, in turn, will give you even more experience. 

Bottom Line

That’s it, folks! Now, you know everything there is to know about all the processing knowledge tiers in Black Desert Online. Processing is one of the best ways to earn money in BDO without wasting much time and energy. However, the task might seem quite tough at first. And this BDO processing guide aims to ease things out for you when you play the game.