destiny child

Destiny Child is an addictive RPG game that offers marvelous gameplay that comes with several interesting facets. You get versatile battle modes, challenges, a complex progression system, and so on. So, beginners might have a bit of a problem trying to level up and enhance the children in the game.

This game is so enjoyable and confusing at the same time. Hence, to make the experience easier for you, we have curated a Destiny Child guide to clear your doubts about the game. Scroll along to know everything you need to know to begin with the game. 

Childs in Destiny Child

Let’s talk about the “childs” first! Destiny Child uses the term “childs” and not children. These are the main characters or heroes that you have to collect in the game. And your goal is to upgrade and strengthen them.

Child Type

child types

Now, let’s get to know about the child types in the game. There are 5 different child types and given below are the roles of every child in any battle:

Attacker: inflicts the most damage

Supporter: provides strength to the team

Debuffer: Massively curses the enemies

Defender: Soaks up the most amount of damage

Healer: Heals the squad

Keep in mind that you can play in a team of 5 childs. And so, the most effective way to do the same is by having one child of each type. But, you can always mix things up as per your situation. 

Child Leveling

You can level a child in two major methods:

XP Blobs

The first way is via the combine option wherein you need to feed the blobs to the child. If the blob fed and the child is of the same type, then you’ll get a small amount of XP boost. But, if you feed a blob of wrong or different type, then the XP earned will be somewhat lower.

So, you should feed whatever you can to the child. This can be done by clicking on the blob one by one. Or, you can also input the blobs all at once by clicking Auto. Then, just click on combine to increase your level. Through this, you might also get an opportunity to gain some bonus XP.

Story Missions

The second way to level up is by taking part in story missions. Some of the best locations to execute the same is the world four’s levels or the most difficult level of the world six. You need to play these missions again and again by tapping repeat

So, you should be checking when any child attains a max level and then stop replaying that very level. Otherwise, your stamina would be going in vain. Also, it’s recommended that you play in a team that is already at its maximum possible level.

This ensures that the team will survive till the very end. All stages of the levels will drop exciting items like armor, weapons, etc. And what you want from the drop can be decided based on the enemy you are fighting. 

Child Skills

Next, you need to know about skills. And raising your skills’ ranks becomes all the more important when you are playing the global version of Destiny Child. You just need Onyx to level Skills after which you have to click a yellow button to level up. The max rank level could go up to 10. As you keep attaining higher levels, the Onyx costs will keep increasing.

Child Awakening

After you have reached the highest skills rank, you will be able to awaken. This means that you will be able to unlock certain nodes. Now, if you choose to unlock them, then the Onyx will increase which in turn will increase your stats.

Child Evolution

Another concept to know about in the Destiny Child Guide is evolution. Firstly, if you want to evolve a child, then you have to reach the max level. Once your child does attain the max level i.e. 40, then you should start collecting materials required for evolution.

Also, you need the same number of stars as you already have. If you have three stars, then you need another three stars. Or if you have four stars, then collect four more stars. Once you have collected them, click on evolve.

But, you need to have even more evolution materials. These can be procured via the daily dungeons. Another way to do the same is via the Ragna shop from where you can buy evolution materials in exchange for Ragna coins. Moreover, you can also upgrade these to attain higher quality.

Now, finally, click on evolve and that will raise the star rating of the child chosen and also cost you some gold. 

Child Uncapping

The next important thing we want to talk about in this destiny child guide is uncapping. If you want to uncap any unit, you should have extra copies of that unit. For uncapping, just click on the cap button which will increment the plus symbol adjacent to the level.

Hence, if you uncap once, then the unit will get a plus one and if you uncap twice, the unit will get a plus two.


This is yet another way to strengthen a child. You will find the slots for equipment in the bottom corner. And you need to ensure that the child you’re playing with has been equipped with something from all these slots.

There are four slots you’ll find and these include weapon, armor, accessory, and the Soul Carta slots. Out of these, the accessory slot can be unlocked with the S Class Awakening. And the Soul Carta can be unlocked when your child reaches 100% Awakening.


These were all the basic details about childs and the child menu options that you need to know. Hopefully, you’ve understood all the things mentioned in this Destiny Child guide. Once you’re done with the same, you can move forward to understand battle modes, shops, raids, bosses, and so on.