how to make beer

Black Desert Online is a multiplayer fantasy online role-playing game developed by a Korean video game developer, Pearl Abyss. This game offers player versus player attack events, castle battles, farming, housing, trading, and fishing. It has an active and manual combat system, requiring precision. Below,  we will be discussing “how to make beer for the workers”  in detail.


In Black Desert Online, to build a worker empire, it is essential to learn to make beer or other worker food. A market is an unreliable place, wherein all the food and supplies can dry up, causing the workers to drain out of energy and pause their work.  

Each beer reinstates the worker’s energy by two points, making it a better overall choice, and the fact that it is easier to drive is an added benefit.

The process of making beer can easily be divided into different steps:

  • Gathering the raw materials
  • Getting a residence 
  • Purchasing and installing a cooking vessel at the residence 
  • Cooking the beer
  • Before you start with any of the steps, you need to know the beer recipe.


It is sufficient to know the combination of materials that make the desired product; unlike MMO games, you do not need to learn the recipe.

The recipe:

  • Grains of the same type  (either oat, barley, corn, wheat, potato)- 5
  • Sugar- 1 
  • Leavening Agent- 2 
  • Water- 6

Wheat, corn, potato, and other grains, are the only materials that need to be self-gathered. The other ingredients can be purchased from around the taverns in the big cities from a Tavern vendor.


The Toscani Farm that you come upon very early in the game, has two corn nodes that can provide you with enough grains to make beer for an extended period.  One could avoid the ultra time-consuming farming process and gathering the grains by getting some workers to do it. It works in your favour, if you have a few of these workers from Velia to work on those nodes. Voila!, You have the grains you need to make the beer.

In the later stages of the game, as and when the worker empire expands, you might need more grain nodes. During this time, you will have an option to choose from the potatoes are the Bartali farm or the barley and wheat at the Northern Wheat Plantation.


There are residences available all over Black Desert, and you need to choose one that fits your needs. A residence is your home. You will have to install the cooking utensil in your residence to make beer. The investment varies, depending on the residence’s size, from a single contribution point to a few more points.


After gathering the raw materials and finding the residence, you need to purchase and install the utensil for cooking the beer. There are different types of cooking vessels available in the game that offer additional bonuses. The Basic Cooking Utensil is the easiest to get. The Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil is another easy to purchase option. Both the mentioned options can be bought from the Tavern vendors.

Once the cooking utensil is bought, it needs to be installed in the residence. The installation process is as follows:

  • Press the P button to activate the placement mode.
  • Select the cooking utensil and place it in your residence as per your wish.

The Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil has 500 durability points but is penalized by +5 seconds on the increased cooking time per batch. At the same time, the Basic utensil has 100 durability points but no bonuses. Some other cooking utensils are available in the Central Market that have a reduced cooking time and a highly durable quality.


It is of prime importance to place the correct amount of raw materials in the utensil to avoid wastage or shortage of the product per batch.

Once the utensil installation is done at your residence, you can proceed with cooking the beer. The cooking process is as follows:

Press R while standing next to the cooking vessel to activate it.

Once the cooking interface opens, place each material’s required amount for a single batch of beer.

Once this is done, you can choose to make single batches of beer or run a continuous production. Press “Continuous Production” to keep running the multiple sets and then max it. Taking this step will maintain the character cooking unless there is a shortage of materials.

Note: You will start getting more beer out of each batch, plus a blue version of the beer that provides 50% more energy. This will happen once your cooking skills improve and rise. You can also earn extra dishes, which give specific contribution points and silver if turned into particular NPC’s.


Do you wish to speed up the cooking and increase the earned experience while making beer?

Look no further than the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes and the Canape Costume Set.

The Silver Embroidered Cooks Clothes cuts down the cooking time while increasing the earned experience. It, however, depends on:

  • Enhancement level ranging from a time cut down of -1 second for non-enhanced apparels.
  • Up to +30% rise in experience
  • -7 seconds time decrease for +5 seconds clothes.

The Canape Costume Set is a Pearl Stone Item sold at 2,900 pearls. It gives you:

  • 15% cooking experience and cuts the cooking time per batch by 2 seconds.
  • Even though the 2 seconds do not seem a lot, when it comes to a batch of 500, it reduces the time by 1000 seconds, making it in under 17 minutes.

It is a detailed and straightforward guide on how to make beer for all your workers.