Igor Bartali’s BDO Adventure Log is a collection of quests that will earn you extra rewards once you finish them. The quests can be gained only after the player reaches the 51st level and has finished the Celphaen Story Quests. This is followed by the adventure quests of Igor Bartali.

The rewards could range from AP gains, weight limit enhancements, stat upgrades to HP increments. Moreover, you will also receive +100 Advice of Valks once you finish all the chapters of the Black Desert Online Adventure Log of Igor Bartali.

These consist of 15 chapters in total, each with a series of quests that will yield rewards. Remember that the chapters are in order and so, the next chapter will open only when the previous one has been finished.

Given below is a walkthrough from the chapter 1 to 15 of Bartali’s BDO adventure log quests:

BDO Adventure Log of Bartali

Chapter 1

Prerequisite: You need a fishing rod

Date Goal Reward
Jan 2 Fight against Cyclops in the Land of Cyclops and win 3 HP
Jan 7 Catch a Grunt in Bartali’s homeland 5 Stamina
Jan 11 Gain knowledge on the Earth Root Nymph 3 HP

Chapter 2

Prerequisite: For Ch. 2 of BDO adventure log, Butcher Knife and a matchlock

Date Goal Reward
Jan 22 Kill elks near Behr for their meat +2LT Weight Limit
Jan 23 Use a matchlock to hunt a Giant Brown Bear +3 HP
Jan 26 Use the matchlock again to hunt and skin a freshwater crocodile for its meat +1 Accuracy
Jan 28 Hand over the Tanning knife to Likke Behr +1 Inventory Slot
Feb 2 Investigate with the Trent Trade item +2LT Weight Limit
Feb 8 Make the Treant Forest noisy by loudly chopping wood +3 HP
Feb 8 Gain more knowledge about the stump shining in a mystical light in Treant Forest +5 Stamina

Chapter 3

Prerequisite: Matchlock, as per your level

Date Goal Reward
Feb 20 Shoo away the ominous birds residing in the Forest of Death 3 HP
Feb 26 Investigate the witch’s chapel +5 Stamina
Feb 26 Face the witch with the scroll +1 DP
Feb 28 Wear the earring left behind by the witch +3 HP
Mar 30 Find villagers who know about the incident +2LT Weight Limit

Chapter 4

Prerequisite: Fluid Collector and a hoe is also advised, not necessary though.

Date Goal Reward
April 5 Get the 1st ingredient +3 HP
April 6 Operate on the 2nd ingredient +5 Stamina
April 9 Find an object that has crystallized while extracting blood +3 HP
April 11 Get the final ingredient needed to make the elixir of love +2 Evasion

Chapter 5

Prerequisite: Knight combat rations and again a hoe is recommended (not necessary)

Date Goal Reward
April 12 Prepare a concentrated herbal juice to replenish yourself +3 HP
April 15 Get the fangs of the Rhutum Fighters +3 LT
April 19 Find cabbage +5 Stamina
April 21 Eat some of the knights’ combat rations. +2 Accuracy

Chapter 6

Prerequisite: Female horse whose breed count exceeds zero

Date Goal Reward
April 25 Make a guild or join one +1 Inventory
May 5 Kill Quint and grab the loot +1 AP
May 10 Gain all knowledge about the merchants of the Calpheon City +5 Stamina
May 12 Find the correct answer +5 HP
Aug 22 Acquire a PR: Kalis Necklace and give it to Valks +1 Accuracy
Sep 13 Horse breeding +3 HP

Chapter 7

Prerequisites: Manos Ruby neckpiece, Ruby, Mythril, silver, and metal-solvent, a pick-ax, 15 million, 11 CP, and a worker based in Altinova

Date Goal Reward
Sep 22 Go to the Village of Herbs to use Herb Brewer +3 HP
Sep 23 Acquire the everlasting herb +10 Stamina
Sep 25 Take the lost lamb to Islin Bartali +3 HP
Oct 4 Gift a Manos Ruby Necklace to Islin Bartali +5 LT

Chapter 8

Prerequisite: Alchemy utensil, cooking vessel, a fluid container, and a 4-wheeled wagon

Date Goal Reward
Oct 21 Ride a 4 wheeled wagon +2 HP
Oct 24 Prepare a blue labeled cold beer +2 LT
Dec 3 Get weasel’s blood +2 HP
Jan 28 Prepare Wise Man’s Blood +1 Evasion
Feb 23 Ask Tranon Underfoe for a cannon to hit your target +2 Accuracy
Mar 3 Interact with the black spirit +10 HP

Chapter 9

Prerequisite: Before starting chapter 9 of the BDO adventure log, you need to complete the Mediah Black Spirit quest. In addition to that, you need Brass Ingots, hides, and black crystals.

Date Goal Reward
April 9 Combine the adventurer’s items +5 Stamina
April 12 Create Grunil Armor +3 HP
April 21 Kill Moghulis +2 Accuracy
May 2 Win the knowledge challenge where Haley is your opponent +3 LT

Chapter 10

Prerequisite: Asula neckpiece

Date Goal Reward
May 3 Sell the Broken Golem’s Core to the trade manager +3 HP
May 6 Gain knowledge about the Creatures of Mediah +2 Evasion
May 13 Kill the Skeleton King using the Cartian Spell +1 Inventory
May 14 Kill ancient weapon inside of the Hasrah Ancient ruins +5 Stamina
May 24 Display the TRI: Asula’s Crimson Eye Necklace to Ekta +3 HP

Chapter 11

Prerequisite: Connected nodes of Velia and Sand Grain or 12 re-assignable CP

Date Goal Reward
May 25 Make a potato cake +2LT
May 30 Interconnect the nodes of Velia and Sand Grain Bazaar +2HP
June 3 Dig a bag of muddy water using a shovel +5 Stamina
July 7 Eat a Special Valenia Meal +3HP
July 7 Train yourself with a training scarecrow +2HP

Chapter 12

Prerequisite: Camel

Date Goal Reward
July 10 Kill Kutum +1AP
July 12 Make Ancient Explorer’s Compass +5 Stamina
July 20 Buy desert tent tool and use it +1DP
July 27 Purchase a camel to ride it +1 Evasion

Chapter 13

Prerequisite: 20 bottles and 40 million silver. Else, a miniature elephant along with 10 million silver

Date Goal Reward
Aug 1 Defeat the Cadry Commander +5HP
Aug 9 Defeat the Shadow of Gahaz +1 Evasion
Aug 17 Use the Agrakhan Summon Scroll to defeat Muskan’s brother +1 Accuracy
Aug 21 Purchase Shakatu’s Villa Invitation +5HP
Aug 28 Interact with a stranger at the docks at Runn city  

+1 Inventory

Aug 31 Ride over a mini elephant +5LT

Chapter 14

Date Goal Rewards
Sept 5 Talk to Lonely Palieva +5 Stamina
Sept 10 Kill Nouver +2AP
Sept 16 Know about Valencia and its desert nodes +5 Stamina
Sept 21 Gain information about Valencai merchants +2HP

Chapter 15

Prerequisite: A butcher knife

Date Goal Rewards
Sept 24 Butcher a Valencian Lion and garner its meat +1 Evasion
Sept 29 Finish Arehza Palm Forest Boy Quest series +2LT
Oct 4 Get the relic located underneath the Castle of Valencia +5HP
Oct 5 Search for the mark of Igor Bartali +2 HP

Wrapping Up

The BDO Adventure Log quests of Igor Bartali can be enabled when you interact with the Black Spirit and then accept Bartali’s Adventure quests. This can be done only after clearing the Calpheon main quest, i.e. looking for adventures.

Then, just complete the Bartali missions written on logs, claim rewards upon completion, and get the next chapter from the Black Spirit. So, what are you waiting for, go complete some quests!