fireboy-watergirlIt has to be platformer-puzzler week this week since I’ve found yet another amazing platformer, The Forest Temple, a worthy winner of the free flash game of the day award. The game is simply charming and challenging and I am sure you’ll love it as soon as you’ll start playing it!

In The Forest Temple you have to help FireBoy and WaterGirl (yes, two characters!) in their adventure to exit the temple. In order to do so, you’ll have to jump over obstacles, activate buttons and levers, make sure that you choose the right path for the right character and, atop these all, do it in a timely fashion if you want a grade higher than C.

What I loved the most about The Forest Temple was not just the charming complexity of the levels, but also the diversity: all levels are unique and offer different challeneges, so you’ll never get bored – just stuck, probably tons of times since there is also a huge choice of levels to play.

All in all, The Forest Temple is simply amazing and really a must play. Head over to Kongregate and check it out. And, of course, have fun!