forever-samuraiThose of us who still remember the Bruce Lee movies and all those awfully dubbed ninja flicks certainly wished, at least once in their lifetime, to become ninjas or samurais or whatever the name is for a bad fella who’s good with swords and nunchucks and so on. Thankfully, that dream will become reality in the next few minutes thanks to today’s free flash game of the day, Forever Samurai.

In the game you take charge of a – who else? – legendary samurai that has to fight all sorts of beasts and opponents in order to earn his freedom. The task isn’t incredibly difficult – Forever Samurai is a rather short game, but very intense and well done.

Its developer says: “I created this game in an attempt to bring the stylish, fluid, intense action of games like Devil May Cry back into 2D brawlers. It uses an innovate new control scheme where special attacks are done by drawing slashes across the screen with the mouse, allowing you to rapidly dash, launch, and smash your way through the levels. Hopefully you’ll gel with it as much as I have.”

And you will certainly will! Indeed the game feels like playing a 2D high quality version of Devil May Cry, with all the slashing and hacking and button mashing and aerial fights and such. The game also has a skill system you develop as you wish and of course quite a few baddies to beat.

So put on your samurai costume because it’s time to kick some arse. Do it the fun way in Forever Samurai!