what-youseeFeel like a puzzle/riddle game to keep your tired mind active not at the end of the week? If the answer is “Yes,” you’ll love today’s free flash game of the dayWhat You See. And then you’ll hate me for giving you the link to such an addictive but quite annoying game (in the later stages, at least).

The thing with What You See is quite simple: you have to simply follow the instructions on the screen and usually remove a bunch of letters from the on-screen words. Obviously, there’s a catch: the instructions are quite cryptic and they’ll cause you some real headaches if you don’t pay attention.

However, before it turns into an annoying little flash game, What You See will keep you busy and entertained and you’ll often find yourself to be surprised by the inspiration the developers had when they created the puzzles. And really, try to solve the riddles by yourself before going to a walkthrough, otherwise playing the game won’t be fun at all (and nor it will be frustrating).

So go ahead and give it a try: play What you see on King.com and let us know where did you get stuck! And… have fun?