wake-up-the-boxToday’s free flash game of the day is Wake up the Box, an amazingly well done and charming physics based puzzler that you’ll certainly love. Especially if you know how annoying is to have to wake up at a specific time (usually obscenely early in the morning) and to have nobody to wake up yourself. Now it’s revenge time!

Bot not only, because today’s flash game of the day – Wake Up the Box – will give us quite a few challenges and, as you can imagine, as you get to the higher levels, it’s going to be really tough to wake up mister box who apparently loves to sleep (who doesn’t?).

Wake Up the Box uses simple mechanics and just a few elements – usually wood planks and heavy wood circles that have to smartly be used together to cause enough of a shock for Mr. Box to wake up. There will be levels in which you’ll have to be swift and precise and others in which you’ll have to test your patience too: there are 20 levels in total and they are all incredibly charming. Not to mention the fact that the game itself has a link towards a walkthrough, so if things get out of hand you can always check that up.

But first try to beat this charming game by yourself. So go play Wake Up the Box by clicking here. Have fun!