heroes-of-gaia-screenI have accidentally stumbled upon this wonderful game and now I find myself hooked – oh, if only I’d have enough time to play all the games I love! But Heroes of Gaia is not at the top of my priorities list and wins the free flash game of the day award, even though we might argue regarding it’s “nature” – which is more of a MMO than a regular flash game.

However, unlike most of the other MMOs, Heroes of Gaia is a flash game and you can play the game entirely in your browser, without downloading any client. The main thing that you will remark – and the one that made me love it – is that Heroes of Gaia looks, feels and eventually is a lot like another “Heroes” series – the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

We have a similar view of the castle, we need a tavern to hire Heroes, we train troops and explore a world map that, one again, will remind fans of the old HoMM series. And that’s really not a bad thing – on the contrary.

Add to that some really nice tactical battles in which you control the troops you have created (or let the AI do it for you and lose the fun factor), the ability to declare war to other players and attack them, the option of joining guilds and battling for impressive artifacts and so on and so forth. Basically, we could say that Heroes of Gaia is a Heroes of Might and Magic MMO, even though there’s no official connection between the two titles.

The best parts are that HoG is a free to play game that requires absolutely no downloads and looks simply amazing. It’s a title you’ll certainly get hooked to, especially if you enjoy the HoMM series. Therefore, please do yourself a favor and click this link to play Heroes of Gaia. Have fun!


  1. …”Heroes of Gaia looks, feels and eventually is a lot like another Heroes series”, being a fan of heroes of M&M i definitely agree with this. It has an easy learning curve and once you learn, it is addicting. i play over at gpotato.com look me up my user name is DANgerous

  2. Do not play this game. The company does not care about their customers. They only care about your money. The cash shop is ridiculously expensive. When they do updates there is always something that turns out really wrong. Recently they did a server merge that blocked 1 entire server from logging in. They provided no rollback or compensation. They do not delete inactives like they said they would. The game is highly unbalanced and will never be balanced again b/c they sold $250 perfect heroes. They also happened to delete entire guilds that people worked months on with 1 update. Also with the server merge they deleted some entire accounts that belonged to active players. GMs do not speak English well. The entire customer service is bad. The game is really buggy. I have never seen a game with so many complaints as well as such expensive cash shop items. Every week it’s another sale event instead of a patch update to fix bugs and improve balance like they should do. The recent merge also made the game really laggy yet they falsely stated it wouldn’t cause lag.


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