We’re introducing today a new weekly feature here on Unigamesity, our super cool Time Traveling! Although we are not able (yet) to literary go back in time and buy the winning lottery ticket, we will do something twice as cool: let nostalgia take over and remember one great classic title each week. Not a legendary one (sorry, Super Mario Bros and Pac-Man!) but games that meant a lot for us as gamers: titles we have a special shrine for here in the Unigamesity secret labs, since they proved to be so much FUN, as every game should (but usually forgets) nowadays.

Pathetic-introduction-of-new-feature aside, I’m proud to let you remember one of the greatest game ever released, Heroes of Might and Magic III! This, I must admit, is the only pre-2000 game I still have installed on my computer’s hard drive and I enjoy playing it with my friends every weekend. Yes, there’s more than one dude playing HoMM III about 10 years after its launch, on a weekly basis!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about here are a few details: Heroes of Might and Magic is the best game ever and you must play it NOW! I’m just kidding. Kind of. I think…

Anyway, a turn based strategy game with role playing elements, HoMM III shares the universe of another highly popular series, Might and Magic. Players control the so-called Heroes who act as troop generals and command the warring troops – basically all fantasy creatures you can think of are present in the game. The gameplay is divided between exploration of the map and tactical turn based combat, which is one of the strongest points of the game.

In Heroes III you don’t need to have the biggest army to win (even though that simplifies your quest a lot!): if you know the game well and use all the spells and creatures’ special abilities as a true general, you can defeat more powerful armies with close to zero losses for your side. Without cheating! And that’s what makes this Heroes of Might and Magic game so great!

There are, of course, lots of other things: legendary, mythical creatures, impressive resource gathering and map exploration systems, basically limitless scenario customization options, impressive fights and incredibly balanced rival factions. Add to that multiplayer co-op or versus play for up to eight players, and you’ll have everything you can ask from a game. Pizza and energizing drinks excluded.

Of course, the replayability of HoMM is another factor why it still exists on my HDD. Basically, you can always start a new game on a brand new map you have never played before, thanks to the map generator. Also, there is still a dedicated (and pretty big) fanbase which still creates maps for the game (yes, they still exist, 10 years after!) and works on improving the title, even though the fifth game in the series has been released some time ago!

Why? Because HoMM III was not only a game of a generation, taking the fantasy strategy and role playing to new heights, but because it never ceased to amaze: when it was originally released, there was no other game to offer such a high replay value , making it a true bargain cost vs. play time-wise. And I know one thing, no matter how many sequels will be released in the future: I’ll keep playing Heroes of Might and Magic III with the same pleasure I did when I was a teenager, a decade ago. And I can’t say the same thing about many other games!