click-play2You probably still remember a cool little flash game I’ve recommended a few months ago – ClickPlay, an amazing puzzler. As it usually happens with successful releases, the game has just received a sequel, ClickPlay 2. Fortunately, it’s as charming (if not a bit better) as the original and therefore I feel obliged to award it with the free flash game of the day award.

The concept is identical to that of the original: in ClickPlay 2 you have to find the hidden Play button and… click it. The goal of the game is to finish the levels with as few clicks as possible but some of them are so difficult that you can get to thousands of clicks… unfortunately, I got stuck at level 12 in the game, then level 19 of ClickPlay 2 and found it irritating (to say the least) to finish the games. But I managed to get through and I will probably finish the walkthrough sometime today to give you a helping hand, too.

ClickPlay 2 has 24 levels, all pretty short (at least in theory) and most of them quite logical if you manage to “read” the hints. The music, just as in the original, is awesome and overall this is a game everybody must play. So head over to the MochiAds website and click play… to play ClickPlay 2! And remember to check back here if you get stuck since I’m preparing a walkthrough for the game! Have fun!

Update: As promised, the ClickPlay 2 walkthrough is here!