click-playToday’s flash game of the day is really an innovative, high quality and highly addictive game: it sometimes is hard for me to believe that such games are offered for free and available to be played in your browser. Today’s free flash game of the day is ClickPLAY, an awesome puzzle/logic and skill game from Ninjadoodle.

Although not totally original in concept (there are other similar games, the X-Spot being one title that crosses my mind), ClickPLAY is certainly innovative when it comes to the puzzles, ranging from awfully smart but difficult ones, to plain, frustratingly easy ones. All of them, though, featuring a high visual quality and a great song on the background.

Basically, all you have to do in ClickPLAY is to… click the play button in each of the 25 levels and finish the game in as few clicks as possible. Sometimes you will have to click more times than you’d like, other times you will click without knowing that you could avoid clicking and sometimes you will click frustrated, not understanding what to do. In the end, though, you will figure out by yourself and you’ll have a hell of a time playing! (and, just like me, you will play the game once more, just to make sure that you can finish it in less that 300 clicks. Or something).

So if you are up for a challenge – a short but fascinating one, check out Ninjadoodle’s ClickPLAY, today’s flash game of the day!