best-flash-gamesAfter deciding that we actually love PC games more than any other type of gaming and changed the content in the Unigamesity accordingly, we started offering you details and links leading to the best flash games you can play, for free, in your browser, plus many other stuff like freeware, MMORPG news and so on. But it’s flash games we’re talking about today – the best of the month May 2009! The list has 22 great titles – the ones that received the “flash game of the day” award and they’re all winners. So if you haven’t tried them already, please do so. Here are the flash games of the month May, 2009:

1. Hero’s Arms, a great retro-RPG
2. Quest in the Dark, a point and click adventure with a dark side
3. Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again! One man escapes from Hell. Bring him back!
4. Paper Moon! Innovation. And a wonderful game.
5. Endless Zombie Rampage, with lots of guns and even more zombies!
6. Rougoku! Can you escape this room?
7. Epic Battle Fantasy! Old school RPG.
8. 24 Days in the Mall. Even more zombies, in a more familiar setting.
9. Red Moon. Awesomeness. And tons of action.
10. A Small Favor… The new hit flash adventure series. A must play!
11. Days 2 Die – Yes, even more zombies. And even more guns. Bring them on!
12. Sonny 2 – the new episode in the saga, tons of improvements.
13. Super Karoshi – another sequel, tons of new ways of killing your character.
14. Ultimate Tactics – when Tower Defense games go RPG
15. Seed of Destruction – not really safe for work, but really fun to play.
16. Shift 4 – stop asking for innovative gameplay and try Shift 4!
17. Stunt Pilot 2 – do you have the skills to become the best?
18. 2009 Internet Olympics – a bit pointless, but nevertheless fun!
19. Heavy Weapons – heavy gameplay. And OK… the ships look NICE!
20. Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory – if you want a challenge. A really tough escape the room game.
21. Redstar Fall Pro – another challenging title. I hate the red star already!
22. Azul Baronis – impressive space shooter. Bring them on again!

These 22 titles were the 22 free flash games we awarded the “must try” virtual (and invisible award). You’ve got them all here, for an easier overview. Remember to check back daily, since more great titles just like the ones above will be presented this month and the months to come!