sonny2-screenToday’s free flash game of the day is Sonny 2, the popular sequel to the even more popular RPG Sonny. The sequel, developed by Armor Games themselves, is one of very high quality, it is challenging and, unlike 99% of the flash games, highly replayable thanks to a really cool attributes and abilities tree.

In this second game of the series you will play as a zombie – a really, really powerful one that plans to become the predator from the prey and, yes, with your help, it will manage to reach its goals. But it won’t be easy!

Sonny 2 is clearly one of the best tactical RPGs on the web at the moment of writing. It has a ton more features than the original game, fully voiced lines, five new and cool chapters plus new weapons, skills and enemies – anything you could wish for from a game in the tactical RPG genre, Sonny 2 has it! And even better – it offers it all for free, straight in your browser.

Even more, if the rather lengthy single player campaign is not enough for you, you can go in the Player vs. Player arena and test your skills against other zombies… uhm… human players. So really, give this wonderful game of the day a try if you haven’t already: you’ll most likely still be playing it on Sunday, too.